Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Abyssea - Misareaux
Type Outdoor
Map Acquisition Purchase from Cruor Prospector
Abyssea - Misareaux/HELM
Region Abyssea
Expansion Scars of Abyssea
Requirements Rise of the Zilart, Wings of the Goddess, Scars of Abyssea
Restrictions Cannot call Adventuring Fellow or Chocobo
Background music Abyssea - Scarlet Skies, Shadowed Plains
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes Tractor will cause player to lose Visitant Status

At one time, this area was a peaceful, if isolated, meadow. Those days have long since passed with the arrival of the Abyssean plague that currently infests the land. Now, marooned survivors from a recent shipwreck find themselves in a constant battle for their very lives.


Valkurm Dunes: via Cavernous Maw (I-9)

Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Fame Starter Location Rewards Type
  A Delectable Demon 1 Kuchi Eyjhann Valkurm Dunes Varies General
  Cookbook of Hope Restoring 1 Jonette Mathurin's Camp (G-7) Cruor/Seals:Leg (BST, SAM, THF, WHM) General-Repeatable
  I Dream of Flowers 1 Goraow Quasim's Camp (G/H-4/5) Cruor General
  Missing in Action 1 Iron Eater Base Camp Cruor General
  Refuel and Replenish 1 Machine Outfitter Base Camp Cruor General-Repeatable
  Unidentified Research Object 1 Yurim Base Camp Cruor/Seals:Leg (BRD, BLU, MNK, PLD) General-Repeatable
  Smoke over the Coast 1 Hungry Wolf Mathurin's Camp (G-7) Cruor/Seals:Leg (PUP, RNG, RDM, DRK) General-Repeatable
  A Mightier Martello 2 Machine Outfitter Base Camp Cruor General-Repeatable
  Soil and Green 2 Sieglinde Base Camp Cruor/Seals:Leg (DNC, SCH, SMN, WAR) General-Repeatable
  Wanted: Medical Supplies 2 Yasuji Mathurin's Camp (G-7) Cruor/Key ItemSapphire Abyssite of Merit/Seals:Leg (BLM, COR, DRG, NIN) General-Repeatable
  Destiny Odyssey 4 Goraow Quasim's Camp (G/H-4/5) Cruor/Key ItemSapphire Abyssite of Sojourn General
  Dropping the Bomb 4 Veit Quasim's Camp (G/H-4/5) Cruor/Versa Breeches General-Repeatable
Resistance Ops
  Crimson Carpet I 1 Resistance Sapper Central Outpost Cruor/Credits/Seals:Leg (DRK, NIN, DNC, COR,THF, BRD, SAM, BLM, MNK, DRG, RNG) General-Repeatable
  Crimson Carpet II 1 Resistance Sapper Central Outpost Cruor/Credits/Seals:Leg (PLD, BLM, RNG, BST, DRG, COR, BLU) General-Repeatable
  Desert Rain I 1 Resistance Sapper Central Outpost Cruor/Credits General-Repeatable
  Desert Rain II 1 Resistance Sapper Central Outpost Cruor/Credits General-Repeatable
  Ward Warden I 1 Resistance Sapper Central Outpost Cruor/Credits General-Repeatable
  Ward Warden II 1 Resistance Sapper Central Outpost Cruor/Credits General-Repeatable


  • Refuel and Replenish quests are not counted as a quest in regards to the Abyssea objective: Complete All Quests.
  • Resistance Ops do help build fame.
  • See Reputation for details regarding fame.
  • See the Quick Reputation Guide for details on building fame posthaste.

Other Information

Fish Cap Body of Water
Moat Carp
11 Cascade Edellaine (Conflux #5)
Dark Bass
Gold Carp
Tavnazian Goby
Cobalt Jellyfish
5 Zafmlug Sea (Conflux #8)
Phantom Serpent

Fishing Map
Information Needed

Abyssea - Misareaux/Logging

Gold Pyxis
Item Abundance
RareExclusiveCreed Sabatons (PLD Empyrean Feet) 0%More data needed.(0%)
RareExclusiveBale Sollerets (DRK Empyrean Feet) 3.8%More data needed.(3.8%)
RareExclusiveFerine Ocreae (BST Empyrean Feet) 6.3%More data needed.(6.3%)
RareExclusiveAoidos' Cothurnes (BRD Empyrean Feet) 5%More data needed.(5%)
RareExclusiveSylvan Bottillons (RNG Empyrean Feet) 6.3%More data needed.(6.3%)
AugmentedExclusiveLight Earring 15%More data needed.(15%)
AugmentedExclusiveGules Leggings 16.3%More data needed.(16.3%)
AugmentedExclusiveGleaming Zaghnal 11.3%More data needed.(11.3%)
RareAddle 2.5%More data needed.(2.5%)
RareAero V 2.5%More data needed.(2.5%)
RareBoost-MND 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
RareBreak 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
RareEarth Carol II 0%More data needed.(0%)
RareEndark 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
RareEnlight 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
RareGain-MND 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
RareGain-VIT 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
RareMage's Ballad III 3.8%More data needed.(3.8%)
RareSentinel's Scherzo 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
RareStoneja 0%More data needed.(0%)
RareWater Carol II 0%More data needed.(0%)
RareWaterja 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
RareAvian Remex 3.8%More data needed.(3.8%)
RareBlack Rabbit Tail 0%More data needed.(0%)
RareHardened Raptor Skin 2.5%More data needed.(2.5%)
RareMocking Beak 1.1%More data needed.(1.1%)
RareSpotted Flyfrond 0%More data needed.(0%)
Key ItemClipped Bird Wing 2.2%More data needed.(2.2%)
Key ItemGlistening Orobon Liver 3.3%More data needed.(3.3%)
Key ItemGnarled Lizard Nail 2.2%More data needed.(2.2%)
Key ItemJagged Apkallu Beak 0%More data needed.(0%)
Key ItemDoffed Poroggo Hat 0%More data needed.(0%)
Key ItemMolted Peiste Skin 0%More data needed.(0%)
Black Pearl 1.1%More data needed.(1.1%)
Coeurl Meat 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
Coral Fragment 6.3%More data needed.(6.3%)
Damascene Cloth 2.5%More data needed.(2.5%)
Demon Horn 3.8%More data needed.(3.8%)
Divine Log 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
Ebony Lumber 2.5%More data needed.(2.5%)
Fire Bead 2.5%More data needed.(2.5%)
Flocon-de-mer 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
Ice Bead 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
Khroma Ore 0%More data needed.(0%)
Lacquer Tree Lumber 1.3%More data needed.(1.3%)
Marid Leather 2.5%More data needed.(2.5%)
Molybdenum Ingot 2.5%More data needed.(2.5%)
Orichalcum Ingot 0%More data needed.(0%)
Oxblood 5%More data needed.(5%)
Wild Onion 2.5%More data needed.(2.5%)
Beech Log 0%More data needed.(0%)

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Base Camp
Amar K-7
Anguysh K-7
Atma Fabricant K-7 Atma Fabricant
Atma Infusionist K-7 Atma Infusionist
Big Harvest K-7
Conflux Surveyor K-7 Conflux Surveyor
Cruor Prospector K-7 Cruor Prospector
Iron Eater K-7 Quest NPC
Izabele K-7 Reputation NPC
Lame Deer K-7
Leporaitceau K-7
Mengrenaux K-7
Nicadio K-7 Goal Tracker
Ondieulix K-7
Resistance Sergeant K-7 Resistance Sergeant
Sieglinde K-7 Quest NPC
Tancredi K-7
Yurim K-7 Quest NPC
Mathurin's Camp (G-7)
Fariel G-7
Geuselibel G-7
Guda G-7
Hungry Wolf G-7 Quest NPC
Jonette G-7 Quest NPC
Mathurin G-7
Yasuji G-7 Quest NPC
Quasim's Camp (G/H-4/5)
Goraow H-5 Quest NPC
Hans G-4
Kurando G-4
Quasim G-5
Veit H-5 Quest NPC
Name Location Type
Central Outpost
Bastion Prefect I-7 Bastion Prefect
Chocobo Tamer I-7
Resistance Sapper I-7 Resistance Sapper
Other Locations
Panta-Putta Roams around entire zone
Veridical Conflux
Veridical Conflux #00 I-7 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #01 K-7 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #02 J-8 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #03 G-7 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #04 H-10 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #05 G-6 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #06 F-7 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #07 I-11 Teleport
Veridical Conflux #08 K-12 Teleport
MS-01 Martello K-7 Martello
MS-02 Martello J-8 Martello
MS-03 Martello I-7 Martello
MS-04 Martello G-4 Martello
MS-05 Martello G-8 Martello
MS-06 Martello F-7 Martello
MS-07 Martello J-11 Martello
MS-08 Martello K-12 Martello
Pulse Martello I-8 Martello

Notorious Monsters Found Here

Name Level Drops Steal Family Spawns Notes

Abyssic Cluster
Around (E/F-7/8)
?? Chrysopoeia Torque
Marotte Claws
Coral Fragment
Key ItemBlazing Cluster Soul
Clusters 1


Spawns by trading Key ItemJagged Apkallu Beak, Key ItemClipped Bird Wing and Key ItemBloodied Bat Fur to the ??? at (G-9)
?? Cleofun Axe
Rapidus Sax
Coin of Balance
Jewel of Balance
Coin of Ardor
Jewel of Ardor
Key ItemAtma of the Strangling Wind
Amphipteres 1

Around (G-8/9)
?? Magnus Scythe
BRD: Legs
BLU: Legs
PLD: Legs
RNG: Legs
Key ItemBloodied Bat Fur
Giant Bats 1


Around (I-6)
?? Diabolos's Rope
DNC: Legs
MNK: Legs
NIN: Legs
THF: Legs
Spiders 1

A T(H)

Spawns by trading a Mocking Beak to the ??? at (G-8)
?? Spiral Ring
BRD: Legs
DRG: Legs
MNK: Legs
SCH: Legs
Key ItemAtma of the Winged Enigma
Colibri 1

A, T(H)

Spawns by trading Orobon Cheekmeat to the ??? at (F-4)
?? Kemas Earring
BLU: Legs
DRK: Legs
SAM: Legs
WHM: Legs
Key ItemGlistening Orobon Liver
Orobon 1

Spawned by Trading Key ItemGlistening Orobon Liver and Key ItemDoffed Poroggo Hat to the ??? at (H-5)
?? Hannibal's Sword
Molva Maul
Cirein-croin's Lantern
Stone of Wieldance
Card of Wieldance
Jewel of Balance
Stone of Balance
Key ItemAtma of the Deep Devourer
?? Orobon 1

Zone Boss

Flame Skimmer
Around (G-5)
?? Magnus Lance
BST: Legs
COR: Legs
PUP: Legs
SMN: Legs
Key ItemSapphire Abyssite of Furtherance
Flies 1

A T(H)

Funereal Apkallu
Spawnd by trading a Apkallu Down to the ??? at (H-7)
?? Crudelis Belt
BRD: Legs
BLM: Legs
PUP: Legs
SMN: Legs
Key ItemJagged Apkallu Beak
Apkallu 1

Around (J-11)
?? Magnus Toporok
Sanguine Spike
BLM: Legs
RDM: Legs
SCH: Legs
WHM: Legs
Key ItemMolted Peiste Skin
Peiste 1

A, T(S)

Around (I-6)
?? Aeolus Arrow
DRK: Legs
DRG: Legs
SAM: Legs
WAR: Legs
Key ItemDoffed Poroggo Hat
Poroggos 1

A, T(H)

Ironclad Observer
Spawned by trading a Spheroid Plate to the ??? at (F-8)
?? Quint Spear
Key ItemScalding Ironclad Spike
Iron Giants 1


Ironclad Pulverizer
Spawned by trading a Key ItemBlazing Cluster Soul and Key ItemScalding Ironclad Spike to the ??? at (F-8)
?? Unkai Sugemino
Savant's Chain
Coin of Wieldance
Key ItemAtma of the Razed Ruin
Iron Giants 1


Ironclad Severer
Around (F-7)
?? Jewel of Ardor
Jewel of Wieldance
Caller's Pendant
Cirque Sash
Goetia Mantle
Taranis's Harness
Iron Giants 1


Roams around zone
?? Avatars ??

Spawned by trading a H.Q. Crab Meat and a H.Q. Rock Salt to the ??? at (I-5)
?? Ebullient Cape
Key ItemAtma of the Cradle
Crabs 1

?? Navarch's Mantle
Raider's Boomerang
Laurel Wreath
Key ItemAtma of the Mounted Champion
Caturae 1


Spawned by trading a Avian Remex to the ??? at (H-9)
?? Bloodgem Earring
DNC: Legs
DRG: Legs
THF: Legs
WAR: Legs
Key ItemClipped Bird Wing
Birds 1

A, T(H)

Minax Bugard
Spawned by trading a Bewitching Tusk to the ??? at(K-10)
?? Erebus's Lance
COR: Legs
MNK: Legs
NIN: Legs
PLD: Legs
Key ItemBloodstained Bugard Fang
Bugards 1

Spawned by trading a Hardened Raptor Skin to the ??? at (I-11)
?? Curatio Grip
PLD: Legs
RDM: Legs
SAM: Legs
THF: Legs
Key ItemAtma of the Rapid Reptilian
Raptors 1

Spawned by trading a Worm-Eaten Bud to the ??? at (L-11)
?? Macero Grip
BLM: Legs
DRK: Legs
NIN: Legs
PUP: Legs
Key ItemAtma of the Untouched
Mandragora 1

Spawned by trading a Black Rabbit Tail to the ??? at (J-8)
?? Quire Grip
COR: Legs
DNC: Legs
WAR: Legs
WHM: Legs
Key ItemSapphire Abyssite of Fortune
Rabbits 1

Spawned by trading a Handful of molt scraps to the ??? at (J-11)
?? Danger Grip
BST: Legs
RNG: Legs
RDM: Legs
SCH: Legs
Key ItemGnarled Lizard Nail
Lizards 1


Spawns by trading a Key ItemBloodstained Bugard Fang, Key ItemGnarled Lizard Nail and Key ItemMolted Peiste Skin to the ??? at (J-11)
?? Kamome
Skogul Lance
Sobek's Skin
Card of Balance
Stone of Balance
Key ItemAtma of the Gnarled Horn
??? Bugards 1


Spawned by trading a Spotted Flyfrond to the ??? at (G-4)
?? Noetic Torque
BST: Legs
BLU: Legs
RNG: Legs
SMN: Legs
Key ItemSapphire Abyssite of Lenity
Flytraps 1

A, T(H)

Voidwalker NM's
Spawned by resting with a Key ItemClear Demilune Abyssite
?? Key ItemColorful demilune abyssite Ghrah 1


Spawned by resting with a Key ItemColorful demilune abyssite
?? Apollo's Flute
Magnus Claymore
Key ItemSapphire demilune abyssite
Ghrah 1


Spawned by resting with a Key ItemSapphire demilune abyssite
?? Corbenic Sword
Murti Bow
Card of Balance
Coin of Balance
Key ItemAtma of the Bludgeoning Brute
Phuabo 1


A = Aggressive; NA = Non-Aggresive; L = Links; S = Detects by Sight; H = Detects by Sound;
HP = Detects Low HP; M = Detects Magic; Sc = Follows by Scent; T(S) = True-sight; T(H) = True-hearing
JA = Detects job abilities; WS = Detects weaponskills; Z(D) = Asleep in Daytime; Z(N) = Asleep at Nighttime; A(R) = Aggressive to Reive participants

Notorious Monster Spawning Progression

Regular Monsters Notorious Monsters
Ancient Orobon
03089.png Orobon Cheekmeat Rare
Key Item Glistening orobon liver
Quest NM
-- Heqet
Key Item Doffed Poroggo hat
Overking Apkallu
03087.png Apkallu Down Rare
Funereal Apkallu
Key Item Jagged apkallu beak
03088.png Avian Remex Rare
Key Item Clipped bird wing
-- Asanbosam
Key Item Bloodied bat fur
03085.png Bewitching Tusk Rare
Minax Bugard
Key Item Bloodstained bugard fang
Dusk Lizard
03086.png Molt Scraps Rare
Key Item Gnarled lizard nail
-- Gukumatz
Key Item Molted peiste skin
03090.png Spheroid Plate Rare
Ironclad Observer
Key Item Scalding ironclad spike
Ironclad Pulverizer
-- Abyssic Cluster
Key Item Blazing cluster soul
03093.png High-Quality Crab Meat Rare
03094.png High-Quality Rock Salt Rare
Coastal Colibri
03092.png Mocking Beak Rare
03091.png Hardened Raptor Skin Rare
03095.png Worm-Eaten Bud Rare
Limestone Hare
03097.png Black Rabbit Tail Rare
03096.png Spotted Flyfrond Rare

Regular Monsters Found Here

Name Level Drops Steal Family Spawns Notes
83-97Unknown Bewitching Tusk
Bugard Tusk
Bugards 16 A, H
Ancient Orobon
83-89 Unknown Orobon Cheekmeat
Orobon Meat
Orobon 15 A, H
79-89 Unknown Hardened Raptor Skin
Raptor Skin
Raptors 21 A
83-89 Unknown Flytrap Leaf
Spotted Flyfrond
Flytraps 17
78-82 Unknown Insect Wing Flies 17 A, L, H
Coastal Colibri
78-89 Unknown Colibri Feather
Colibri Beak
Mocking Beak
Colibri 22 L, S
Dusk Lizard
83-93 Unknown Lizard Egg
Lizard Skin
Molt Scraps
Lizards 21 L, H
Dynamo Cluster
80-89 Unknown Cluster Arm
Cluster Ash
Cluster Core
Clusters 19 A, S, M
Escarp Murex
78-82 Unknown Murex Spicule
Murex 21 A, JA, WS
Ephemeral Amoeban
83-93 Unknown Amoeban Pseudopod
Amoebans A, M
Ephemeral Murex
83-93 Unknown Murex Spicule
Murex A, JA
83-93 Unknown Avian Remex
Bird Egg
Bird Feather
Despoil: Bird Egg Birds 22 L, S
78-82 Unknown Crab Shell
High-Quality Crab Meat
Land Crab Meat
Crabs 16 A, H
Gore Bats
83-89 Unknown Bat Fang
Bat Wing
Beastman Blood
Fiend Blood
Bat Trios 19 A, L, H
Limestone Hare
91-93 Unknown Black Rabbit Tail Rabbits 16 S
Maritime Peiste
91-97 Unknown Peiste 21 A, S
83-89 Unknown Spheroid Plate Spheroids 22 A, L, H, M
79-89 Unknown Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud
Worm-Eaten Bud
Mandragora 21
Overking Apkallu
78-82 Unknown Apkallu Egg
Apkallu Down
Apkallu Feather
Despoil: Apkallu Egg
Despoil: Apkallu Feather
Apkallu 21 L, S
79-82 Unknown Amoeban Pseudopod
Despoil: Amoeban Pseudopod Amoebans 20 A, M
Shore Spider
79-90 Unknown Spider Web Despoil : Rainbow Thread
Despoil : Spider Web
Spiders 16 L , H
78-82 Unknown Crab Shell
Land Crab Meat
High-Quality Rock Salt
Crabs 15 A, H
79-82 Unknown Toads 21 L, H
Sturdy Pyxis (Mimic)
Unknown Forbidden Key Mimics A, T(S), T(H)
A = Aggressive; NA = Non-Aggresive; L = Links; S = Detects by Sight; H = Detects by Sound;
HP = Detects Low HP; M = Detects Magic; Sc = Follows by Scent; T(S) = True-sight; T(H) = True-hearing
JA = Detects job abilities; WS = Detects weaponskills; Z(D) = Asleep in Daytime; Z(N) = Asleep at Nighttime; A(R) = Aggressive to Reive participants