Absorb Spells

Absorb spells are a subcategory of Dark Magic specific to the Dark Knight job class. As mentioned on the Dark Magic, Absorb spells focus on draining some type of attribute from the target and into the Dark Knight. These spells include:

These spells can be divided into two sub-categories, the original stat-based absorbs and the newer absorbs, Absorb-TP, Absorb-ACC, and Absorb-Attri. Absorbed attribute points are dropped at a rate of 1 per every 3 ticks until the spell wears off.

Equipment that enhances these spells:

These each have the effect of extending the duration of Absorb spells by 10 seconds in the NQ, it is unknown if this is increased in the HQ. Vicious Mufflers stacks with Plastron Set pieces.

This mythic weapon increases amount drained from 18 to 21.

Monster abilities with these effects:

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