Mission Name Abomination
Number 5-4-1
Title Granted Bringer of the Dawn
Reward Repeat only:
25,000 bayld
Repeatable Only to help others
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Reckoning Undying Light


  • After the previous fight and the cutscene you will be back at the Ra'Kaznar Turris. You will have time to rest and recover any damage from the previous fight.
  • When you are ready, click the Ominous Postern to enter the fight against Hades' second form. He hits hard and has a move that petrifies.
  • You are assisted by Arciela and Teodor in this fight. They start attacking once someone engages the enemy. Do not engage until you're finished buffing.
    • Fight is automatically lost if Arciela or Teodor dies.
    • Tank recommended to mitigate Area of Effect/conal moves from Hades.
    • MP replenishing items for mages recommended (vile AND vile elixir +1). At least one of your healers needs Stona. Second form has a dispelling move.
    • If you used any your meds on first fight, take the time to go back to town to buy more.
    • If you fail, you must zone out and zone back in to receive a new key item.
  • Hades shifts between different elements. His attacks differ depending on which element he currently is.
    • Paying attention to Teodor's nukes will tell you what element he is currently. For example, if Teodor is casting Fire V on Hades, then Hades' current element is ice and he will use his ice elemental attack that causes Paralysis.
    • Occasionally he will be blue proc'd. It's assumed that is when he changes elements. Certain TP moves that Hades always has access to may also do so. Or he may switch after a certain amount of time has passed.
  • Upon victory, there is a lengthy cutscene and you will be ejected back to Ceizak Battlegrounds.


  • Repeating the fight gives a reward of 25000 Bayld


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