Start NPC Belgidiveau (A) - Abyssea - Vunkerl (Entrance Encampment)
Requirements Level 1 Fame
Items Needed See below
Repeatable Yes
Reward 450-550 Cruor
8-12 Resistance Credits

Repeat completions:
225-275 Cruor
8-12 Resistance Credits


  • Talk to Belgidiveau (A); he will ask you to obtain a body part from an Abyssean creature.
    • Not all body parts will work. Most are Tier 1 pop items that drop from ordinary monsters in Abyssea. None of the parts dropped from NMs to use in magian trials (e.g. Bakka's Wing) work. Refer to the lists below (update if more are found).
  • Trade the item to Belgidiveau (A) for your reward.
  • You do not need to zone to repeat this quest. However, you must speak with him again after each trade to reactivate the quest, and he will only accept one item each time.
  • Trading 13 "high strength" items gives you enough fame for the Key ItemCrimson Abyssite of Celerity quest from Rahal (A).

Items that work

* - low strength ** - mid strength *** - high strength

Amoeban Pseudopod (stackable)
Apkallu Down
Armored Dragonhorn
Avian Remex***
Baleful Skull*
Black Rabbit Tail
Black Whisker***
Bloody Fang*
Bloodshot Hecteye
Cockatrice Tailmeat*
Clionid Wing (stackable)
Clouded Lens
Coeurl Round*
Dented Skull
Djinn Ashes***
Eft Egg
Eft Blood
Eruca Egg**
Extended Eyestalk

Filthy Gnole Claw
Fortune Wing***
Gargantuan Black Tiger Fang
Gargouille Stone*
Gnarled Taurus Horn***
Giant Bugard Tusk*
Giant Slug Eyestalk
Gory Pincer***
Great Root*
High-Quality Clionid Wing**
High-Quality Crab Meat
High-Quality Limule Pincer***
High-Quality Rabbit Hide***
Limule Pincer (stackable)
Mangled Cockatrice Skin*
Mocking Beak***
Murex Spicule (Stackable)
Opaque Wing***

Orobon cheekmeat
Quivering Eft Egg*
Raw Mutton Chop*
Resilient Mane
Ripped Eft Skin*
Sanguine Spike*
Sanguinet* (stackable)
Shocking Whisker*
Smooth Whisker
Spheroid Plate
Spotted Flyfrond*
Tiny Morbol Vine*
Transparent Insect Wing***
Undying Ooze
Venomous Scorpion Stinger*
Winter Puk Egg*
Withered Bud*
Worm-Eaten Bud

Items that do not work

Acidic Humus
Alkaline Humus
Bakka's Wing
Bewitching Tusk
Blanched Silver
Bug-eaten Hat
Bone Chips
Chasmic Stinger
Crawler Floatstone
Dried Chigoe
Decaying Molar
Exorcised Skull
Fay Teardrop
Giant Agaricus Mushroom
Hardened Raptor Skin
High-Quality Buffalo Horn

High-Quality Cockatrice Skin
High-Quality Marid Hide
High-Quality Pugil Scale
High-Quality Rock Salt
Jaculus Wing
Kindred's Crest
Kukulkan's Fang
Ladybird Leaf
Lambent Scale
Manigordo Tusk
Massive Armband
Mictlantecuhtli's Habit
Molt Scraps
Moonbeam Clam
Moonglow Cloth
Murmuring Glob
Oblivispore Mushroom

Oversized Sock
Piceous Scale
Puppet's Blood
Rotting Eyeball
Sandy Shard
Sand-caked fang
Sharabha Hide
Shriveled Wing
Snakeskin Moss
Tarnished Pincer
Taurus Horn
Viscous Spittle
Wailing Rags
Withered Cocoon
Whiteworm Clay

Game Description

Belgidiveau (A)
The searing ward maintained by the brilliant Belgidiveau could not possibly be malfunctioning! Nevertheless, he requires your aid to perform a routine test. Deliver a body part of an Abyssean fiend to your client, and confirm that his remarkable creation is still performing optimally.