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A Walk to Remember
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A Walk to Remember

Mithra chatting during the walk

A hearty hello, and what do you know? I'm Yomogi, the newestaru member-wember of the Tarutaru Reportarus.

If truth must be told, I'll say something bold. My little legs are kind of chubby, and entirely, way, way, way too stubby! I hate to sound like a wimp-eroo, but even for a Tarutaru, I'm a shrimp-ery-doo! My buddy-wuddies from my LS all say they're adorable, but to me, poor li'l me, they're simply deplorable!

First of all, and wouldn'taru you know, they're super-simply-sickeningly slow. When I go to pursue prey with my palsies, or discover devices deep in some dungeon, I'm left out of breath, running myself half to death! As if that weren'taru enough, I'm also extremely, really short stuff! Unable to appreciate art arranged high on the wall, it's enough to make a Tarutaru like me bawl!

But wait, I'm not through! Being vertically challenged has good pointarus too! Walking so slowly allows me to enjoy the sights wholly! On airship or chocobo, where others pay no attention, I've found some greataru things surely worth mention! So I've stopped-chopped the balking, and learned to love walking!

The other day I went traveling and did some unraveling! Today I'll describe an interestaruing tribe!

"Oi, oi, youse over there. An interrresting event is about to take place."

In Selbina I was late for my boat, and I gazed ataru my fishing bob-lob then afloat. The Mithra who spoke to me wore clothes of bright-spritaru red, and nearly as crimson, good grief, was her head!

"Whataruever could you mean?" I queried. "Heh heh heh. The cats arrre about to play."

And then she grinned a wily grin.

The clever cats, the furry felines! Of course, of course! The weather is good, so gather they should! The desertaru is warm, no sign of a storm. And as so I pondered, leap-hop, up they wandered! Millions of Mithra, marching miles around! No ground to be seen, there were more than a town!

I careful-warefully put aside my rod, and the next thing, I gave a feline paladin a nod! Dressed in beautiful white armor was she, and I asked her a question that quitaru baffled me!

"Um-wum-wum... Sorry to bother you, but what do you plan to do?" "Well... Nothing. Nothing in particular, rrreally..."

And it was true, as I saw, and gazed out in awe. They were trying their pawsy-wawsies at all kinds of things--walking around, fishing, fighting, and playing Cat o' Nine Rings.

Even without invitarutation, they ran in group-troupes, to my fascination. I myself am a free spiritaru, so I shuffled in back, and tried to pursue. At the back of the line, I listened quite closely; Mithran talks of Kazham, fresh fish, and gil-gaining (mostly). Wanting to hear more, I tiltarued my head, but the Mithran thief in front of me stabbed a mithkabob so close I near-fearly bled!

"This is a special meat mithkabob made by yours trrruly. Eat it and you'll be popular with the girrrls. Well, how about it?"

It didn't look so unique, but I dared notaru to speak. "This is top-secret, but you seem trrrustworthy. These clothes were worrrn by the San d'Orian king, Ranperre. But even morrre--they're invisible to the eye, too! How about that? Definitely worth some gil, rrright?"

I could have sworn nothing was there butaru simple, plain air. She continued to peddle her mystaruious wares, and piqued my curiosity until I owned mithkabobs in pairs. But was it a defect? I still am a reject...

The Mithra played for some time beside the clear-cheer waters, fishing, getting lost in Jugner Forest, then searching for their daughters. They drank-thank in the beauty of the lake, and occasiona-wasionally cheered on Ballista tournaments 'til they ached. Gradually I made my way to Jeuno, where I recalled all my memories from not so long-song ago.

The bright Mithra I first-wirst met waved and said her goodbye as I let outaru a sad-sniffy sigh. "Being in a parrrty is fun, and killing strong monsters is thrilling, but sometimes a simple walk is perrrfect medicine for the soul."

And then she was gone, part of Jeuno's great throngs.

Watching the Mithra I came-tame to learn: A carefree life is that for which I yearn! Not justaru for Mithra and not just for me, but I think this is how all of Vana'diel should be! It might notaru be fact and I have no guarantee, but I think that just maybe you shouldn't stifle your creativity. If you live on the edge and getaru in a pinch, your attitude might save you and make life a cinch!

Once again I feltaru pride-wide in my decision--to become an adventurer, yesiree, I had vision! I think that today, once again if I may, I'll go on a walk and ignore-bore my clock! The world awaits, so who cares about dates!?

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 07

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