«FFXI-Movie» 0072 - A Timely Visit

«FFXI-Movie» 0072 - A Timely Visit

Game Script

A Timely Visit (pt.1) - Southern San d'Oria
Deraquien I must remain calm...stay focused. I've finally been given a chance to rise above this sorry gate-guard existence. If only I could show them what i'm worth...

Deraquien Wha-!

Deraquien My duty is to guard this city gate! I was certainly not considering running off to catch that thief for tawdry fame and glory!

Deraquien ...

Deraquien Oh, it's just an adventurer. You startled me.

Deraquien A burglar broke into the royal treasury the other day and pilfered the precious Scepter Royaulais.

Deraquien Mayhap it was you!?

Deraquien No, your face does not match that of the sketch I saw.

Deraquien I apologize for my hasty accusation.
The Temple Knights have scoured the entire Kingdom, but have yet to discover a single clue regarding the thief's whereabouts.

Deraquien Have you not heard of the Scepter Royaulais? It is the scepter borne by the king, a symbol of office bestowed by the papsque at the coronation ceremony.

Deraquien I, too, wish to make a name for myself in this world someday.

Elmemague We've finally found a lead!

Elmemague A traveling merchant has reported a suspicious character lurking in La Theine Plateau! It may just be the burglar we're looking for.

Deraquien You speak truly!?

Elmemague I am Elmemague of the Temple Knights.
I must travel to the rescue drill site in La Theine Plateau and join my fellows.

Elmemague However, if our quarry is the burglar who managed to infiltrate the chateau single-handedly, I worry that our numbers may be too few.
I ask that you contact the Royal Knights to send reinforcements!

Deraquien The Royal Knights are posted beyond the borders of the Kingdom! Recruiting the assistance of even the closest knights will take time.

Elmemague Dash it all! The scoundrel will not tarry long...

Deraquien Why, the solution stand right before you! I understand that it may be dangerous, but someone must accompany...

Elmemague Of course!
Adventurer! Will you not lend a hand? If the thief is caught, you will be rewarded most handsomely!

Deraquien Wait, what I meant was I could go with...

Elmemague Come, adventurer! The royal treasure must be wrested from the hand of that villain!

Elmemague You will help? Splendid! Then let us be off to La Theine Plateau and join forces with thre rest of my men!

Deraquien I, uh, I will accompany you on this important...

Elmemague You must remain here. When the knights return from their patrols, tell them to make haste to La Theine Plateau.

Deraquien ...Yes, sir.

Elmemague No dithering now, adventurer! We leave immediately!

Deraquien It is of no matter. I'm not the slightest bit disappointed.
"Lowly gate-guard" seems to be my lot in this life...

A Timely Visit (pt.2) - La Theine Plateau
Narvecaint Ah, you must be the adventurer Sir Elmemague spoke of.

Elmemague You're finally here.
Our opponent is a heinous criminal. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.

Elmemague What word on our quarry?

Narvecaint Sir!
He appears to be resting up within Ordelle's Caves. This is our chance to bring the knave to justice!

Elmemague This is merely a trap. A ruse to draw us into a battlefield of his choosing. Who knows how many allies lie in ambus within?

Narvecaint An ambush...

Elmemague Do not underestimate this villain. I know this breed; they are wily and treacherous. It is not unlikely that this thief of ours is a feared member of the underworld who has survived through countless battles and tight spots.

Vijartal What in Altana's name was that burst of light?

Vijartal No matter. I must set out for San d'Oria without delay. Everything depends on this mission's success.

Elmemague Who is this strange character?

Narvecaint Sir! He is the suspected thief!

Vijartal Temple Knights! Have I wandered into a trap!?

Elmemague A Royal Knight? But there's something different that I cannot quite...?
You there, state your name!

Vijartal I have no name to give to the likes of you!

Elmemague This man bears no resemblance to the sketch I was shown. What is going on here?

Narvecaint My apologies, sir!
He was acting so suspiciously, I just assumed...

Elmemague A wild goose chase. I should have known this was too easy.

Vijartal The others must have gone on ahead. What a sorry state of affairs.

Vijartal Ah, now I see! You are my guides, disguised as Temple Knights. You've come to lead me in from the storm, am I correct?

Elmemague Storm? There was no storm.
What were you doing out here, anyway?

Vijartal I was on my way to deliver the Scepter Royaulais to the Chateau d'Oraguille. You should already know this. Now, enough of this meaningless chitchat. Take me to the capital immediately.

Elmemague The Scepter Royaulais?

Elmemague You have it on your person? Quickly now, hand it over.

Vijartal I think not, my good sir.
My mission is to deliver the Scepter Royaulais to the king's brother, Prince Fellenant, and him alone.

Vijartal Where is it!? The scepter is gone!

Elmemague Clap this man in irons. He'll be accompanying us back to the chateau.

Vijartal What is the meaning of this!? I am the vassal of King Raigegue R D'Oraguille! You will show me the proper respect or your fate will be most unpleasant!

Vijartal Take your hands off me, I say!

Elmemague That man...
He has a role to play in all of this, I am certain.

Elmemague Adventurer, I regret dragging you all the way out here for nothing. Feel free to be on your way; we'll take it from here.

Elmemague Oh, and please mention to that guard that we won't be needing any further assistance after all.

A Timely Visit (pt.3) - Southern San d'Oria
Deraquien Oh, it's you. How did you fare?

Deraquien So they caught him, did they? How wonderful it must be to stand at the forefront of action...

Phillone Is it true!?

Deraquien And you are, madame?

Phillone My name is Phillone.
What has become of the one who stole the Scepter Royaulais? Did they catch him? Is he unharmed?

Deraquien A highly suspicious character was apprehended in La Theine, but whether or not he is the criminal remains to be seen...

Phillone He's not a bad pers...he is no criminal. Please, you must help him!

Deraquien The suspect?

You are an adventurer, are you not? I beg you, you have to do something!

Deraquien It is out of our hands...

Phillone ...

Roido My pardon for my wife's behavior. I am her husband, Roido.

Roido Come now, Phillone, let's go home. It'll be all right. You'll see.

Phillone But...

Roido I said, let's go...!

Deraquien What was she on about, I wonder...

Deraquien Ah yes, I almost forgot. If the man they caught is really the burglar, you will be eligible for a reward from Monarlais Halver.
Why don't you head over to the chateau and check on the proceedings?

A Timely Visit (pt.4) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Halver Ah, adventurer. I was told of your cooperation in apprehending the thief.

Halver The interrogation is just about to begin. If he is indeed guilty of the crime, you shall receive a reward.

Halver Two years after his defeat at the Second Battle of Konschtat, King Raigegue massed his remaining knights in La Theine and awaited an opportunity to retaliate against Bastok.

Vijartal It was as you say.

Halver However, seizing upon his brother's absence, Prince Fellenant mobilized the Temple Knights and took control of the city of San d'Oria. He demanded a peace treaty be drawn up with Bastok, correct?

Vijartal That is correct.

Halver Fearing an internecine war, the king decided to send the Scepter Royaulais to Prince Fellenant and abdicate in his favor. His only condition was that the city be released from military control.

Vijartal Yes, we were on our way to bring the scepter to Prince Fellenant.

Halver ...When you were beset by a whild storm and took shelter within Ordelle's Caves...I believe this is how your story goes.

Elmemague And what manner of artifact is this Scepter Royaulais you speak of?

Vijartal Do you not know even this? It is a beautiful scepter witha rare jewel known as the Pierre Errante set at its end. It requires the most careful handling so as not to mar the stone.

Halver ...

Vijartal Will you accept my words as truth now?
You must allow me audience with Prince Fellenant.

Halver Deluded fantasies...
Do you honestly expect to fool us with this fabrication?

Vijartal How dare you!
You accuse me of lying!?

Halver The Second Battle of Konschtat? King Raigegue and Prince Fellenant? This goes beyond all patience!

Vijartal Then simply wait for the arrival of the Royal Knights who traveled with me--the Cardinal Stags! We were separated in Ordelle's Caves, but they should be arriving in the city at any moment.

Elmemague Well, isn't that interesting? Captain Guichantmarge of the Cardinal Stags is a good friend of mine, and I have no recollection of seeing your face among his troops when I performed an inspection. Neither do I recall hearing of any new recruits.

Vijartal Surely you jest, sir!

Vijartal The Captain of the Cardinal Stags, as all should know, is Sir Plieucherot. Enough of these games!

Elmemague Monarlais Halver, what are we to do with this individual?

Halver He is obviously not the person shown in the sketch we have of the thief, nor do the guards of the royal treasury recognize him as the criminal.
We cannot throw him into a cell merely because he has knowledge of the Scepter Royaulais.

Elmemague Yet word of that other matter has not leaked beyond our walls. Are we to just let this man go...?

Halver Hmmm... However, I do not believe this fool would have had the finesse required to slip into the treasury. It was open for but a few moments when we removed that other object...

Elmemague My sincerest apologies, sir.
We were taken completely unawares. Only one who had extensive knowledge of the castle could have evaded us in such a way... It was no ordinary burglar.

Vijartal Do you still doubt me?
I am here on orders from the king. Or is this how the prince treats envoys that appear on his doorstep?

Halver Remove him from the chateau. I have not the time nor patience to deal with his delusions.

Vijartal I am under orders from the king...
What are you...? Release me at once!

Vijartal Mark my words! I, Vijartal Caphieux, have been insulted too many times this day! Your apologies will fall on deaf ears when next we meet!

Halver Wait one moment...
What did you just say?

Vijartal I said to remember the name of Vijartal Caphieux! I will never forget the disgraces I was forced to endure at your hands!

Halver This is an outrage!

Halver The name of the revered hero fo San d'Oria used in vain by this common bandit! Have you no honor!?

Vijartal What is this you speak of?

Halver Simpleton!
That is the name of the great man who ended the war between the Royal and Temple Knights two hundred years ago! Even a child would not tell such a scandalous lie!

Halver Get out of my sight!
The next time you show your face in my presence, I will not be held responsible for my actions!

Vijartal What do you mean, "two hundred years ago"?
Explain yourself. Why am I considered a hero...?

Halver I am sorry, but I cannot pay you a reward. He is not the man we are looking for.

Elmemague Give that gate guard a message for me: he still has a chance to prove himself.

Elmemague However, we must retrieve the scepter at any cost.

A Timely Visit (pt.5) - Southern San d'Oria
Deraquien Hmm, so the man they caught wasn't the one who stole the Scepter Royaulais?

Deraquien Which means I still have a chance! I'm going to catch that thief and show everyone what I'm made of.
I'll be a famous knight yet!

Vijartal ...

Vijartal Oh, you were at the chateau.

Deraquien Hold it right there! You're the scoundrel who made off with the scepter--admit it!

Vijartal Young man, do you know of the esteemed personages of King Raigegue and Prince Fellenant?

Deraquien Huh? Well, yes.
They were of the royal family of San d'Oria two hundred years ago. It was their struggle for control of the Kingdom that caused the civil war before the time of King Ranperre.

Vijartal You are certain!?
Then the internal strife began...

Deraquien Hmm, that would have been several years after our crushing defeat at the Second Battle of Konschtat.

Deraquien Prince Fellenant recruited the Temple Knights to his cause and took control of the city. He then declared his intention to forge a peace with Bastok.

Deraquien However, his older brother, King Raigegue, could not forgive his younger sibling's actions; this call for peace had come right at the height of the king's efforts to rally the remaining Royal Knights for a counterattack against the Republic.

Vijartal What of Vijartal Caphieux!?

Deraquien Do you truly not know?
He is one of the foremost heroes in our kingdom's history. It was during the time of civil war that Vijartal Caphieux rose to prominence through his valorus actions. Why, I shouldn't think the smallest child in San d'Oria would be unaware of his deeds.

Vijartal You jest with me...surely? Is this, then, the world of the future? What a ridiculous notion...

Deraquien What an odd character. Well, never mind. What I should be focusing on now is the capture of that rogue and the retrieval of the Scepter Royaulais.

Deraquien That's it!
Do you remember the lady that introduced herself as Phillone! I think her story bears further investigation, but I cannot leave my post.

Deraquien Could you go and find out more about her as a favor to me? I must solve this crime if I'm ever to be noticed by my superiors.
Please let me know if you discover anything important.

A Timely Visit (pt.6) - Southern San d'Oria
Phillone're the adventurer I talked to before! What happened to the man they caught? Was he unharmed!?

Phillone What? He wasn't the thief they were looking for?

Vijartal Naphee, it's you!

Vijartal What a relief...
I'm so glad you're here! This isn't some future world after all!

Phillone My pardon, sir, but I don't believe we've met...

Vijartal I've had the most trying day. Tedious nonsense from the people at the chateau, all this talk about me being some sort of hero...

Vijartal My bones are in need of a rest, dear Naphee. I think I'll take a short nap, if you don't mind.

Phillone Just a moment! Who are you, sir? You don't just go barging into people's homes as you please!

Vijartal What are you babbling about, Naphee?

Phillone Naphee? My name is Phillone!

Vijartal I'm not in the mood for these games, especially not in my own house. I expect more from my one and only love.

Phillone Your love!?
What in Altana's name are you on about!? Leave at once or I shall call upon the Temple Knights!

Roido Phillone?
What's wrong? You're all flushed.

Vijartal A Hume...and that accent...
You can't possibly be a Bastoker!?

Roido Well, yes, I am.

Vijartal You've got some nerve setting foot in the holy city of San d'Oria! Or perhaps you've escaped from you prison cell!?

Roido This is my home. Have I done something wrong that I'm not aware of?

Vijartal I don't understand...
My mind must be playing tricks on me...

Vijartal This is my home, is it not? And yet I find some filthy Bastoker living here with a woman who should be my darling Naphee.

Vijartal Where on Vana'diel is this place? Have I truly been catapulted into the future?

Roido Who was that man?
And why do I feel like I've met him somewhere before...?

Roido You are an adventurer, are you? And you're looking for the thief of the Scepter Royaulais?

Roido I have a favor to ask.

Roido I need your help in retrieving the stolen scepter.

Phillone You see, the person who stole the Scepter Royaulais was actually my younger brother, Millechairale.

Phillone Forgive my rash words before, adventurer. I'd believed it was Millechairale who had been captured.

Phillone There is a legend that tells of a mysterious power being attributed to the Pierre Errante, the gem that graces the tip of the Scepter Royaulais. This is why it has been handed down through generations of San d'Orian kings and become a symbol of our country in its own right.

Roido And that is what Millechairale has gone and stolen...

Phillone But my brother is no common thief! He has no evil purpose in his heart. I beg you, please help Millechairale...

Roido Fearing for his own safety, Millechairale hid the Scepter Royaulais somehwere. It is my plan to find that hiding place and return the scepter to the chateau before he has a chance to reclaim it.

Roido By doing this, perhaps the knights won't be so hard on Millechairale if they do happen to catch him. Maybe they'll even give up on their investigation when the royal treasure is restored to its rightful place.

Phillone But the request of our ancestor...

Roido Phillone. I understand how you feel, but the safety of your brother is more important.

Phillone I...I know you're right, but...

Roido The only problem is, the place I need to get to is teeming with monsters. I don't think I can make it without the help of a seasoned knight...

Roido Would you happen to know any trustworthy knights who might aid me in this endeavor?

Phillone Adventurer, please help my family...

Roido Time is running short.

A Timely Visit (pt.7) - Southern San d'Oria
Deraquien So, did you discover anything important?

Roido Adventurer, I need to find a seasoned knight. I'm sorry, but this man is not exactly...

Deraquien What's all this about?

Vijartal Oh, if it isn't the very same gentlemen I was speaking with earlier.

Vijartal You seem perplexed. Hm? You're looking for a competent knight? Well, look no futher, I know the perfect man to deal with any situation

Roido You do!? Where can we find this person?

Vijartal I am Vijartal Caphieux, knight extraordinaire of the illustrious Caphieux family! Ancient hero of San d'Oria in the world of the future!

Deraquien I think his sword belt is on a little tight...

Vijartal A knight, be he of the past or future, must not be unsettled by trivial matters. In this world, I am a renowned hero. What say you, are you not impressed?

Vijartal I must think of a more fitting name for myself.
What do you think of "Thunderbringer Vijartal"? Has a little more punch to it.

Vijartal Hmmm, there must be something better, though...
I have it! How about "Vijartal Caphieux, the Obsidian Bolt"? Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Roido Vijartal Caphieux?

Vijartal The Obsidian Bolt...
Yes, I like it! Give me some time to work on a new signature.

Roido Excuse me, might I have a word with you? We can speak at my house.

Vijartal I see. Your tale is a sorry one. But why should I be the one to help your brother?

Roido Well, since you introduced yourself as Vijartal Caphieux, the famed knight, I figured you must be a skilled warrior. Your assistance would be most welcom.

Vijartal As I am most certain it would be. However, no matter how great my ability may be, there are many preparations I must make. My sword is in need of repair, and there are several other things...

Phillone Seeing as your name is the same as our ancient hero, the Temple Knights might let you off lightly, even if you are caught helping us.

Vijartal Naphee, always with that tone of voice...

Phillone My name is Phillone.

Vijartal You and she are so very similar.

Vijartal Very well, then. I will help you. All we need to do is retrieve the Scepter Royaulais, correct? A knight is bound to aid those weaker than himself. That is what I always... Ah, never mind.

Roido You'll help us!? Thank you, we will never forget this for the rest of our...

Vijartal However, I do not trust Bastokers.

Roido What?

Vijartal The people of Bastok are vulgar and uncouth, and should be despised by any upstanding citizen of noble San d'Oria. I will not suffer to be lumped in with the likes of him.

Phillone I beg your pardon!
There is no such enmity between the people of San d'Oria and Bastok! Apologize to Roido at once!

Vijartal Again, your resemblance to my Naphee is uncanny.

Roido You don't need to pretend to like me, but I cannot go to that place alone. It's far too dangerous.

Vijartal Dangerous!? Are there fiends and the like in this place?

Roido Without a doubt. Knowing Millechairale, he has hidden the scepter somewhere in the vast forest that lies beyond King Ranperre's Tomb.

Vijartal Then I suppose I must accompany you. But listen well, Bastoker! You do not speak to me, understood?

Roido Ah... Do you think you could come along? I'm not sure if I can relly trust that man...

A Timely Visit (pt.8) - Jugner Forest
Roido Did we make it in time...?

Millechairale Hey, what do you think you're doing!?

Roido Millechairale! You're safe!

Millechairale Roido!? Why did you come here...?

Roido Come, we must return the scepter. If we just leave it somewhere near the chateau, someone is bound to find it. There's no need for you to get in any more tr--

Millechairale You know I cannot do that! I have made an oath that must be carried out!

Roido I know you have. But your sister is frantic that she will lose you before this is over.

Millechairale This has nothing to do with you! You have no idea of the responsibility the Caphieux name entails!

Roido !!!

Millechairale You waste your time scratching in the dirt. I already have the Scepter Royaulais!

Roido Millechairale! Wait!

Vijartal What in the name of the Goddess is going on?
This matter has become entirely too troublesome.

Roido Player name! Vijartal! Please return to my home for the moment. I have to chase down my brother-in-law!

Vijartal Did I hear you correctly? Are you, a miserable Bastoker, presuming to give Vijartal Caphieux orders!?

Roido Do you know what happened, Vijartal? Do you know of the hero that died in battle trying to save the future of San d'Oria and Bastok?

Vijartal What are you...

Roido That hero was Vijartal Caphieux! The man who gave his life to protect Prince Fellenant and his mission to forge a peace with Bastok!

Roido I don't care if you hate Bastokers or choose to call yourself Vijartal! But I will not hear you sully the name of the great knight who died for the peace of our two nations!

Vijartal !!!

Roido Player name, we will meet again at my home.

Vijartal Dying in battle is a fate that no true knight fears. But what do you mean by "he died for peace"?

Roido King Raigegue R D'Oraguille, unable to wrest control of the city from his younger brother, plotted his sibling's assassination.

Roido The assassination was foiled by Vijartal, but in protecting the prince, he was mortally wounded...

Vijartal Did I hear his words correctly? Vijartal Caphieux protected the life of Prince Fellenant and wish for peace between our nations...?

Vijartal That is what he said, is it not? Is this some sort of joke? It cannot possibly be true...

Vijartal Vijartal Caphieux was headed to the capital to end the life of Fellenant!

Vijartal If this is indeed the course of events, how could it have skewed so dramatically...? Impossible...

A Timely Visit (pt.9) - Southern San d'Oria
Phillone So, Millechairale has the Scepter Royaulais...

Phillone That one was always far too dedicated!
Whatever am I to do?

Vijartal ...

Vijartal I stole into the royal book vault and read the documents that pertained to me. What Roido said was true.

Vijartal It would seem that after the incident...I am to die.

Phillone What...?

Vijartal My family, the Caphieux family, has a bloodline that stretches back to the founding of the Kingdom. That is why I was chosen as the envoy to meet with Prince Fellenant. I was entrusted with the Scepter Royaulais and the message of the king's abdication...

Vijartal This was nothing more than a charade. My true mission was to bide my time and wait for an opportunity to assassinate the prince.

Vijartal Right at this moment...or what would be this moment in the past, the Cardinal Stags should be making their way towards the capital, bearing the Scepter Royaulais. One of them will surely carry out the assassination in my place.

Vijartal Tell me, adventurer! What in Altana's name happened in the world of my time? Why must I disobey my king's orders and put my very life in jeopardy to protect Prince Fellenant?

Roido Phillone!
The Temple Knights have picked up Millechairale's trail!

Phillone !!!

Roido They haven't caught him yet, but you can bet that he's headed for Ordelle's Caves to carry out his oath.

Phillone Why would he...? He's walking right into their hands!

Roido Please, lend me your aid once more! Millechairale's life depends on it!

Vijartal No, I don't think I will.

Roido What?

Vijartal Why should I listen to the pleas of a Bastoker?

Phillone Just one moment, sir! Are you insulting my husband again...?

Roido Vijartal, why do you despise Bastokers so much?

Vijartal My father was killed by Bastokers and their underhanded tactics in the Second Battle of Konschtat! And my older brother returned from his attempt to avenge his death a mutilated corpse!

Vijartal Bastok is the hated enemy of San d'Oria! That Republic is responsible for the deaths of everyone I held dear!

Vijartal You say that hero wished for peace among our nations!? Preposterous!
I...Vijartal Caphieux would rather die than aid Bastok...

Phillone Do you think it was any different for the people of Bastok!?

Vijartal I don't...?

Phillone Up until a mere few decades past, the nations of San d'Oria and Bastok had fought countless battles over land, resources, and religion.

Phillone Both San d'Orians and Bastokers lost friends and family. Many have lost people dear to them...

Vijartal ...

Phillone Do you not find it strange? We are all the children of Altana, and yet there is hostility and conflict among us...

Phillone What we should really despise is war itself, not the people who are drawn into its flames. I thank Altana from the depths of my soul that we live in an age where war between the people of Vana'diel is a thing of the past.

Vijartal ...

Roido We must go now if we are to save Millechairale. I don't know how much time we have.

Phillone I am going with you!

Roido Phillone, I need you to stay here. If the Temple Knights decide to send reinforcements, try and stall them any way you can.

Phillone I'll do my best.

Roido I'm going on ahead. Meet me at the entrance to Ordelle's Caves as soon as you can. If those soldiers catch up to him...

Phillone Please, get my brother out of there safely!

Vijartal You are an unusual woman.

Phillone I'm sorry?

Vijartal My lady's name, the one you so resemble, is Naphee.
She once asked me a question:

Vijartal Why must the people of San d'Oria and Bastok despise each other even though we are all the children of Altana?

Phillone The year before last, we left Bastok to settle here in the capital. The two nations are not so different, you know. All people have the same hopes, the same dreams...

Phillone There were those who saw the Elvaan as a hated enemy but there were also kind and caring souls such as Roido who treated me like a person...

Phillone It will take time, but I believe that if we continue to chip away at the barriers of prejudice and ingnorance that stand between us, we will eventually come to understand each other.

Phillone You too, Vijartal, can find peace...just as Roido and I have.

A Timely Visit (pt.10) - La Theine Plateau
Elmemague You have found the villain who stole the Scepter Royaulais? There is no mistake this time?

Narvecaint Sir! He exactly matches the man in the sketches we have!

Roido Millechairale is no thief! Please, let me go and persuade him to give up the scepter!

Elmemague Stand down, citizen. You know the penalty for interfering with a Temple Knight investigation.

Roido I beg you! Listen to me!

Vijartal Sir! The thief has emerged from another cave exit!

Elmemague Dash it all! After him! There's no escape this time!

Vijartal Simple-minded buffoons.

Roido Vijartal...

Vijartal misunderstand! I am not here for any Bastoker...
Come, we must rescue Millechairale while those fools are distracted!

Roido We should split up to widen our search. Vijartal, Player name, please take that tunnel over there.

Vijartal Come to think of it, this is where...

Millechairale You...!

Vijartal We've finally found you. You are Millechairale, I presume? Your sister and brother-in-law have been looking for you.

Millechairale I was instructed to give you this.

Millechairale The Scepter Royaulais...

Vijartal I do not...?

Millechairale Please, just take it! I have been requested to give this to the first knight I meet on this day, at this time, in this place.

Vijartal One moment, young man. Why me? Who asked you to do such a thing?

Millechairale Vijartal Caphieux.

Vijartal Vijartal...?

Millechairale A secret legacy has been passed down by word of mouth in my family for generations. It is an oath made to a distant ancestor. A duty that I must fulfill.

Vijartal An ancestor? You mean that you...

Millechairale Yes. My sister and I bear the Capieux name. Our family is that of the famous hero, Vijartal Caphieux.

Vijartal Which would mean that I made this request myself? I would need the Pierre Errante of the Scepter Royaulais to return to my own time...

Roido Millechairale!

Millechairale Roido...

Roido You had us worried...
You shouldn't have put yourself in such danger just to fulfill that oath of yours.

Millechairale I am sorry for the trouble I've cause. But it was the will of Vijartal Caphieux. I wanted to answer the request of my most respected ancestor, no matter what it took.

Vijartal ...

Millechairale They have found me!

Vijartal Quickly! You must flee before they arrive!

Roido Vijartal, Player name. Take Millechairale and get out of here. You should be able to escape from another tunnel deeper in the caves.

Millechairale Roido!

Vijartal Are you insane!? If you stay here, things will not go lightly for you!

Roido Please, hurry! There's no time to debate the issue!

Vijartal Why do you do this...?

Roido Even if I am not of the same race or bloodline, I need no reason to protect my family!

Millechairale Roido...

Roido Bastok, San d'Oria--none of that is important! Don't you understand? Surely you have someone who you would die to protect, no matter the consequences?

Roido For me, those people are Phillone and Millechairale. Now please, just go!

Vijartal Wait...
There is one way to save all of us...

Vijartal I see what she means now.
The most important thing is understanding...

Roido Vijartal?

Vijartal Do not resist the Temple Knights when they come. Leave everything to me.

Elmemague You have nowhere left to run! Hand over the Scepter Royaulais!

Vijartal Roido, you have made me realize that Bastokers are not to be so easily dismissed. There is something to Prince Fellenant's reasoning after all. I see now why I cannot allow him to be assassinated.

Vijartal It is just like the last time... These caves are responding in some way to the Pierre Errante. Did you know that this place was once known as the "Shrine of Endless Travels"?

Roido Vijartal...?

Vijartal There is nothing to fear. Please let Phillone know that I need no thanks; I already have my reward. I am the Obsidian Bolt, such deeds are my reason for living...!

Narvecaint We have you now, thief! Surrender quietly!

Elmemague He's vanished! Where is the knight that accompanied you? Sorcery...!?

Elmemague Wait...this is the Scepter Royaulais!

Elmemague Now we have the thief and the scepter in our possession.

Roido ...

Elmemague I have my suspicions that you aided the thief in his crime, but for the moment I will let that small detail pass. We will see what the villian confesses, however.

Roido This can't be happening. I've failed to protect Millechairale...

A Timely Visit (pt.11) - Southern San d'Oria
Phillone This can't be happening! Millechairale has been captured!?

Roido I am sorry. I have failed you...

Phillone Monarlais Halver?

Millechairale Roido! Phillone!

Roido Millechairale! Why have they brought you here!?

Millechairale It is a miracle! That man who called himself Vijartal was the actual hero of legend!

Halver A sealed letter with orders to be opened this year has been passed down through the royal family. It is a document written by Prince Fellenant, the man saved by Vijartal Caphieux.

Halver That document is about your family.

Phillone Unbelievable!

Halver According to this letter, Millechairale Caphieux would steal the Scepter Royaulais. However, he and those who accompanied him are not to be charged with any crime, as requested by Vijartal Caphieux...

Halver It was written that these people would sustain the good relations between our kingdom and Bastok, as well as play a vital role in the future of San d'Oria.

Phillone !!!

Halver It is a most unusual document. But the will of Prince Fellenant, a direct descendant of the current d'Oraguille royal family, is incontestable.

Halver While we are on the subject, are you aware of the legend that surrounds the Pierre Errante?

Halver Vijartal Caphieux convinced Fellenant to reopen the city after preventing the prince's assassination. It is said that in that moment, Prince Fellenant gazed into the Pierre Errante and saw a glimpse of the future.

Halver It is not exactly certain what vision the prince beheld. Only that nations that were once at war would join hands in the spirit of cooperation. After seeing this dream of the future, Prince Fellenant surrendered to his brother, the king.

Halver This surrender was under the condition that the Temple Knights, who had acted under the prince's orders to take control of the capital, be held free of responsibility. Also, a treaty calling for the cessation of hostilities with Bastok was to be ratified.

Halver And what became of Vijartal Caphieux? Well, that is a tale known by any child of the Kingdom. He was fatally poisoned while grappling with the assassin intent on taking the prince's life...

Halver The stranges thing is that the true grave of Vijartal has never been found. With the deeds he performed, I am sure he was interred in a suitably resplendent tomb, however.

Halver In any case, after his surrender, Prince Fellenant was imprisioned in the oubliette. It was an official stance that the blood of the royal family was not to be spilled, no matter the crime.

Halver Three years after his imprisonment, the prince managed to escape. As we all know, this sparked the beginning of the grueling civil war that scarred one hundred years of San d'Orain history.

Halver This internal conflict persisted until the Dragon King, Ranperre, took the throne and united the Elvaan people once again. In his veins flowed the same blood as Prince Fellenant.

Halver I must apologize. It was not my intention to give such a protracted history lesson.

Halver Rather, I was quite surprised to hear that the line of Vijartal Caphieux still flourished in the capital.

Phillone Until recently, we had been residing in the city of Bastok.

Halver In Bastok?

Phillone Yes, our family has been there for several generations...

Halver Hmm... Come to think of it, there is literature that tells of a knight who organized Prince Fellenant's escape, and who later took refuge in Bastok.

Halver Apparently, this knight signed his name as the "Obsidian Bolt."

Halver Would you know anything about this?

Halver Actually, perhaps it would be best not to breach that subject. If I started on the convoluted history of our kingdom, the moon could pass though its cycle and I would still have only scratched the surface.

Halver What's that you say? You have met with the hero of this tale? Hahaha, now you are poking fun at me!

Halver It is time I returned to my duties.
Phillone. They will be released in due time, but for a while Roido and Millechairale's presence will be required at the chateau.

Halver There are too many details of this case that remain unclear to me. I should like to listen to a full explanation of these goings-on, as well as hear more about your ancestors...

Millechairale Do not worry for us, dear sister. I am sure we will be back before you know it.

Roido Yes, and then we can continue our peaceful life here, in this house of Vijartal Caphieux...

Phillone I await your return.

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