Start NPC Roskin (H-8) Eastern Adoulin
Requirements Order Up
Items Needed Ulbuconut Milk
2000 bayld
Pickaxe or Trailblazing Pickaxe/+1
KeyItemCopy of "Wrath of the Land"
KeyItem"Hallowed Wood" replica
KeyItemCopy of "Shrouded in Enigma"
KeyItemCopy of "Adoulin's Patroness"
KeyItemReport of a sorcerous nation
KeyItemCopy of "The Verdancy"
KeyItemGiant sheep export record
KeyItemDictum on colonization
KeyItemAdoulinian agricultural treatise
KeyItemTraditional Adoulinian katana
KeyItemMemo found in Rala Waterways
Reward 2000 EXP
1000 bayld
2-5000 bayld
(optional) 10000 bayld
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A Thirst for the Ages A Thirst for Eternity


Key Items

Most key items can be obtained in any order.
The following key items require you possess KeyItemCryptic memorandum and KeyItemCopy of "Adoulin's Patroness" first:


  • Talk to Roskin. You will now choose which items are "important" to report on. Select the following items:
  • After the cutscene you will receive 2,000 XP and 1,000 bayld.
  • You need to both zone and wait until the next game day to talk to Roskin for your final reward. A shoddy report will result in 2 bayld, while a perfect report will result in 5,000 bayld.
  • Finally, proceed to N-10 in the Rala Waterways and click on a blank spot. You'll receive a question and prompt for the "secret password." The question is: "What entity keeps the Sacred City safe?" The correct answer / secret password is: ERGISADE (the answer / password must be in all capital letters). Your reward is 10,000 Bayld.

Game Description

Roskin, (Near Caf['e] des Larmes, Eastern Adoulin)
Search Adoulin's bifurcated districts and beyond to find clues pertaining to what engendered the Great Expedition. The riches you'll receive for this classified mission may just amount to more than you could ever imagine.
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