Start NPC Roskin - Eastern Adoulin - (H-8) - Statue of the Goddess Waypoint
Requirements Balamor, the Deathborne Xol cleared
Items Needed Key ItemElder wooden box
Key ItemImprint device S
Key Item"Climbing"
Key ItemPair of Velkk gloves
Key ItemRecord of a thousand lights
Key ItemRecord of a cavernous foray
Key ItemRecord of the generals' foray
Key ItemRecord of the knight in black
Title Granted Thousand-Year Traveler
Repeatable No
Reward 8000 Bayld
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A Thirst for the Eons A Thirst Before Time


  • Speak with Roskin to activate quest and receive Key Item Elder wooden box. Roskin will ask you a series of questions. You should accept the first answer in the list, as other answers can / will terminate the activation sequence.
  • Travel to (G-9) Eastern Adoulin and speak with Palomel to receive Key Item Imprint device S.
  • Travel to (G-8) Rabao and speak with Quwi Orihbhe for a cutscene.
  • Optional: Return to Roskin who informs you to use the device in various locales.

Restoring the Records

PART 2 (Mandatory to progress with next quest (complete the quest series))

  • You can do this specific item, as part of the previous quest A Thirst for the Eons. Enter Rala Waterways from (F-7) Eastern Adoulin. Examine a blank target in Rala Waterways (N-10) for the question, "What entity keeps the Sacred City safe?" Solving the cipher contained in the Key ItemMemo found in Rala Waterways gives the answer ERGISADE. This will reward 10,000 bayld.
  • Talk to Palomel for an additional cutscene.
  • You must zone before talking to Roskin for next cutscene.
  • Talk to Roskin, who will ask you to retrieve a book from Celennia Memorial Library.
  • Check the History stacks in the library to start a pop quiz on Adoulinian politics and zoology. You will need to answer 12 questions correctly. Upon failure you must rezone to try again, but you will have more time to answer per question, and the total number of questions will increase.
    • Some questions are general trivia:
      • The Library is run by the Scouts Coalition.
      • Raptor fights are held in the Watergarden Coliseum.
      • The fountain in Western Adoulin is the Font Xanira.
      • Celennia Wexworth hailed from Rhazowa.
      • Sverdhried Hillock was the father of rune fencing.
      • The Rala Waterways were constructed 200 years ago.
      • Cafe de Larmes is located in Eastern Adoulin.
      • Pungent Fungi reside in Cirdas Caverns.
      • Leafkins are in Leafallia.
      • The Zoldeff River runs through Foret de Hennetiel.
      • The king's lineage was originally held by Adoulin.
      • Vortimere is the current Archexorcist.
      • The body of water to the east of Adoulin isles is Sea of Zafmlug
      • Exorcisms are performed in the Exorcists' Priory.
Name Codename Dominates Area
Achuka Firebrand Lizards Morimar Basalt Fields
Colkhab Matriarch Vermin Ceizak Battlegrounds
Hurkan Booming Birds Marjami Ravine
Tchakka Riptide Aquans Foret de Hennetiel
Yumcax Ligneous Plantoids Yorcia Weald
Kumhau Flashfrost Beasts Kamihr Drifts
Twelve orders Leader Position Emblem Location
Order Of Adoulin Ygnas S. Adoulin Grand Chancellor Swallow Castle Adoulin
Order Of Woltaris Melvien de Malecroix Minister of finance Leaf Coronal Esplanade
Order Of Wheaterspoon Hildebert Minister of judication Butterfly Coronal Esplanade
Order Of Janniston Svenja Minister of public affairs Dewdrop Platea Triumphus
Order Of Renaya Ikhi Askamort Minister of education Grass Sverdhried Hillock
Order Of Gorney Chero-Machero Minister of commerce Snake Coronal Esplanade
Order Of Haverton Margret Scouts' Coalition Raven Eastern Adoulin
Order Of Karieyh Lhe Lhangavo Pioneers' Coalition Monkey Western Adoulin
Order Of Vocane Gratzigg Peacekeepers' Coalition Root Eastern Adoulin
Order Of Thurandaut Flaviria Mummers' Coalition Lizard Western Adoulin
Order Of Shneddick Reginald Couriers' Coalition Murine Western Adoulin
Order Of Orvail Amchuchu Inventors' Coalition Spider Western Adoulin

Game Description

Roskin (Near Cafe des Larmes, Eastern Adoulin)
Find clues that will unravel the truth surrounding August and his generals. The riches you'll receive for this classified mission may just amount to more than you could ever imagine.