Start NPC Roskin (H-8) Eastern Adoulin
Items Needed KeyItemImprint device S
KeyItemWeathered Haverton hat
KeyItemForgotten Memory
Title Granted Assistant Extraordinaire
Reward Erudition Necklace or 30,000 bayld
10,000 EXP
3 High-purity Bayld
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A Thirst for Eternity
A Thirst for Eternity (Optional Portion)
The Curious Case of Melvien


To flag this quest, you must have completed the optional portion of A Thirst for Eternity, so that Roskin's volume is added to the library, as well as the quest The Curious Case of Melvien.

Game Description

Roskin, (Near Cafe des Larmes, Eastern Adoulin)
Who--or what--has been behind the scenes and manipulating Roskin into solving various historical mysteries? There's no time like the present to reach into the past!
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