This is the third Samurai Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF3.
Start NPC Jaucribaix - Norg (K-8)
Requirements Samurai 50+
Items Needed Banishing Charm
KeyItemCharred Helm
Gold Thread
Title Granted Paragon of Samurai Excellence
Repeatable Yes, see Vingijard after AF is complete
Reward Myochin Kabuto
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Yomi Okuri None


After completing Yomi Okuri, zone out and back into Norg, and have Samurai as your main job to activate this quest. Logging out does not suffice.

The Battle

  • Alter Ego's may be used.
  • Buffs do not wear upon entry.
  • You lose Experience Points if defeated.
  • You DO NOT need to be on Samurai to enter the BCNM.
  • You can die and Reraise without aggro (assuming you die outside of the main circle), but the demons regen HP when not engaged in battle.
  • You must kill the following three demon NMs within a 30-minute time limit:
  • Demons appear to be level 66-67.
  • The demons are immune to all forms of Sleep and Silence; however, you can put Onibi to Sleep.
  • Paralyze, Bind, and Gravity affect the demons, with resistance building over time.
  • The demons use their 2-hour abilities at low HP.
  • When Onki uses Astral Flow, even if he has Onibi (an Elemental) out, he summons an Avatar named Ayakashi, which can be any of the 6 original Celestial Avatars.
  • Gaki can cast Burst in relatively quick succession, make sure to stun or have shadows.
  • Onki has approximately 3000 hit points. Rasetsu has approximately 7500 hit points. Gaki has approximately 6000 hit points.
  • Can be defeated by many combinations of two level 75 characters. Solo fight possible with some 75 jobs.
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After the Battle

  • After the three demons are slain, you receive a KeyItemCharred Helm. The Banishing Charm can now be discarded.
  • Return to Norg and report to Jaucribaix,
  • Acquire a Gold Thread and trade it to Jaucribaix.
  • Zone out of Norg and wait about 1 minute (earth time) before the next step.
  • Speak to Jaucribaix to complete the quest.

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Game Description

Gilgamesh (Captain's Quarters, Norg)
At the close of the Great War, Gilgamesh's father trapped a terrible spirit within a helm. That helm has been stolen, and it is your job to hunt down the thief and get it back.
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