«FFXI-Movie» PLD 2 - A Squire's Test II

«FFXI-Movie» PLD 2 - A Squire's Test II

Southern San d'Oria

If you're below 15th level:
Balasiel: You're a little too new at this to undertake my challenge. Train further, and return here once you feel ready.

Once you're 15th level or above:
Balasiel: Ah, you've come quite a way since last we met, I see. I believe you're ready for another task! I'd like you to go to Ordelle's Caves. You'll find the entrance in a valley on La Theine Plateau. Those caves are also called the “Body Caves.” Know you why? It is because the caves are shaped much like the body of a person. You are acquainted with its structure, yes? Where in a body would lie the belly, in the caves flows a waterfall of much beauty. I want you to visit the waterfall, and return hither. I want proof of your trip, however. Bring me something out from that place. You must choose something. Come to think of it, the time I sent another to the waterfall, he, too, had quite a hard time! Heh-heh.

Chanpau: Proof that you went to the waterfall, eh? Hah! Old man Balasiel's got you running errands now, has he? I'll tell you, but don't say a word to the old man! Stand with your back to the waterfall, and look up at the ceiling of the cave. You'll see a shining stalactite. Bring some Stalactite Dew back and you'll be a real spelunker, you will. Eh? How to get the drop? Ah...right. It's odd, but I can't seem to remember how I did it. That was a long time ago, you see. Hmm... Maybe you could try reading up on it. I'm sure it's outlined somewhere.

Northern San d'Oria

Morjean: Some Stalactite Dew? I'm not entirely certain, but perhaps I have heard a story about this thing you seek. In order to get some Stalactite Dew, your hands must not be dry... I'm sure that's what I read. But it was so many years ago... That's all I know... I do hope it will be of some use to you.

Morjean: Did you find the dew? No, no, there's no need to thank me. It is my job to delve into the mysteries of this land, one at a time.

Southern San d'Oria

Balasiel: Ah, you're back, and in one piece! And you've brought proof of your trip to the waterfall. Well done! Here, a certificate to mark your accomplishment. Keep it always! When you've progressed further, visit me again. Next time, a thorough test of your mettle will be in order!

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