Start NPC Migliorozz - Upper Jeuno (H-9)
Repeatable No
Reward 3500g
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Mission: The Road Forks None


Pso'xja Composite

Pso'xja Composite Map







  • Make sure everyone in the group is inside the room, as the door to the room will close when you select the ???.
  • The Dolls alternate between physical immunity and very high magical resistance, each doll changing weaknesses simultaneously. This is marked by a blue- or yellow-colored sheen on each mob, so be prepared to switch targets if relying on melee damage.
  • The dolls only need to be defeated once for an entire party.
  • Go back down the stairs and around to (H-9) to find a door with a blue gemstone set into it, and pass through. Only characters who have a Blue Bracelet can pass through.
  • Drop down a hole and head to (H-7) to find another room, another ??? and another set of dolls. Spawn and kill Gargoyle-Mu and Gargoyle-Lambda with the same strategy and when they are dead select the ??? point for another key item, a Green Bracelet.
  • Return to (I-8), near the entrance of the tower, to find the door that responds to the Green Bracelet. Only characters with the Green Bracelet can pass through.
  • Once through the green door, go to (G-8) to find the Crystal Receptor machine. Activate the machine and quickly backtrack to a hole at (H-9), fall through and run west then north to pass over the tiles to an elevator at (H-8).
  • Cast Sneak and take the elevator down to find the Avatar Gate. Select it for a cutscene.
  • Return to Migliorozz in Upper Jeuno for your reward of 3500 gil.
  • You will lose the Phoenix Pearl or Phoenix Armlet, but keep both bracelets, allowing access into the Blue and Green rooms at any time.

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Game Description

Migliorozz (Temple of the Goddess, Upper Jeuno)
The Tenshodo has opened the ruins of Pso'Xja to adventurers. Migliorozz has asked that you perform a task involving the gate that lies in the deepest part of the southwest tower of the ruins.
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