Start NPC Offa - Bastok Markets (F-10)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1, Wings of the Goddess
Items Needed Fish Bones
Repeatable No
Reward Rolanberry
Withered Rolanberry


  • Note: This quest may involve both the past and present day Bastok but it will appear on your log in the list for current day Bastok.

Step 1:

  • Travel to Bastok Markets and talk to Offa (F-10) (inside house on 2nd floor).
  • Travel to Bastok Markets (S) and talk to young Offa (S) at (F-10)(in front of door on 2nd floor).
  • Choose either 'Bury it Somewhere in the City' or 'Conceal the burial spot with a Rock'. Option B seems to require less back and forth traveling.

Step 2A:
If you choose "Bury it somewhere in the city"

Reward : Rolanberry.

Step 2B:
If you choose "Conceal the burial spot with a rock"

Reward : Rolanberry.

Step 3:

Reward: Withered Rolanberry.

Game Description

Offa (House, Bastok Markets)
The time capsule containing letters written by Offa and his friends during the war has been plundered by Goblins. He sure would like to know what his childhood dreams were...
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