«FFXI-Movie» Win 3-3 - A New Journey

«FFXI-Movie» Win 3-3 - A New Journey

Game Script

A New Journey - Heavens Tower
Star Sibyl: I am pleased that you came.

Star Sibyl: Player name, was it not? I have heard of your accomplishments from Semih Lafihna.

Star Sibyl: After realizing how dedicated you have been in serving Windurst, I felt I must meet with you in person.

Star Sibyl: I am honored to have such a noble adventurer here in my presence. You are much younger than I imagined.

Star Sibyl: However. The reason I have called you here today is not soley for the purpose of greetings.

Star Sibyl: I, the Star Sibyl, hereby appoint you, Player name, to the post of ambassadorial envoy in the Grand Duchy of Jeuno.

Star Sibyl: I apologize if I startled you with this sudden responsibility; however, the stars have already decided your fate.

Star Sibyl: I can sense the fire that burns deep within your heart. I feel that you will not disgrace the new title that I have given you.

Star Sibyl: You have seen with your own eyes the evil that lurks in Vana’diel. Soon that evil will have spread to every corner of our beloved lands.

Star Sibyl: However, during these terrible times, Windurst must remain the beautiful, sublime mecca that it has become. To maintain this state, the cooperation is Jeuno is necessary.

Star Sibyl: This is why sending a trustworthy delegate, such as yourself, to represent our country is of extreme importance.

Star Sibyl: I am positive that your presence in Jeuno will benefit Windurst immeasurably.

Star Sibyl: Will you travel to the Grand Duchy of Jeuno as an envoy of Windurst?

Will you become an envoy?
I would be honored.
I'm sorry, but...

Star Sibyl: I am grateful for your cooperation, Player name.

Star Sibyl: Journey to the Embassy of Windurst in the Grand Duchy of Jeuno.

Star Sibyl: And do not forget, no matter where the stars lead you, I will always be watching.

Will you become an envoy?
I would be honored.
I'm sorry, but...

Semih Lafihna: The will of the Star Sibyl is the will of the Dawn Goddess! How darrre you defy her!

Star Sibyl: Semih Lafihna... It is all right.

Star Sibyl: I sense that your spirit is as free as the wind. You feel that committing yourself as an envoy will strip you of that freedom.

Star Sibyl: It would be a lie to say that you would not be tied by this new responsibility.

Star Sibyl: However, I have seen within your soul. I know that you want to do what is right for the peace of your country.

Star Sibyl: It may be against your will, but I will appoint you as envoy to the Consulate of Windurst in Jeuno.

Star Sibyl: I am certain that, in time, the stars will lead you there.

A New Journey (pt.1) - Ru'Lude Gardens
Pakh Jatalfih: Welcome to the Windurstian Embassy. What can we do for you?

Pakh Jatalfih: Why, hello, Player name. We'd received word you'd come.

Pakh Jatalfih: But it's too bad; the ambassador's out right now.

Pakh Jatalfih: You see, the ambassador has left for a survey of Delkfutt's Tower. I believe His Excellency should be back soon, though.

Wolfgang: Good day.

Pakh Jatalfih: Lord Wolfgang! What can we do for you?

Wolfgang: I seek audience with your ambassador.

Pakh Jatalfih: Oh? He's gone to investigate Delkfutt's Tower.

Wolfgang: Delkfutt's Tower? What kind of investigation is it?

Wolfgang: I would ask your ambassador to avoid such dangerous places... Or is it by order of your nation?

Monberaux: Excuse me... Is the ambassador in residence?

Wolfgang: Monberaux! What business have you here?

Monberaux: Wolfgang. How have you been?

Monberaux: The ambassador has a rare affliction, and it's time for a checkup.

Wolfgang: I say this to you as a friend... Keep a safe distance from foreign dignitaries.

Monberaux: I've told you before that diseases know no borders. Every patient needs a doctor; nationality and status matter not.

Wolfgang: Hmph. You haven't changed a bit, have you? You should take special care, my friend, lest you come to regret it.

Wolfgang: Advise your ambassador against these careless adventures. I shall return later. Good day.

Monberaux: Hmm...

Monberaux: Well, I can't give checkups without a patient. Please convey how sorry I was to miss the ambassador, and that I'll call again later.

Pakh Jatalfih: Wolfgang is the captain of the guard of Archduke Kam'lanaut. I wish I knew what he wanted with His Excellency, though...

Pakh Jatalfih: Of course! Why don't you go to Delkfutt's Tower and see how he's doing? I know you just got here, but thanks!

Pakh Jatalfih: We've heard that place houses fiends of foul stench! Stock up on new equipment in town, and make sure you've got a party to watch your back.

Pakh Jatalfih: You've come this far, so I'm sure you'll do fine. Good luck!

A New Journey - Lower Delkfutt's Tower
Heimji-Keimji: Oooh...

Heimji-Keimji: Who...? Oh, I’m so glad you’re not one of the baddies.
Thank you for saving me! I’m the Windurstian ambassador to Jeuno, Heimji-Keimji.

Heimji-Keimji: They sent you on a mission to the embassy?
Oh... I’m sorry-worry you had to come to such a dangerous place because of me.

Heimji-Keimji: I should have been more careful... Someone bonky-wonked me on the head from behind, and I woke up in this hairy-scary place. If you hadn’t come... It makes me shudder-budder to think what would’ve happened to me!

Heimji-Keimji: This place is dangerous! Aside from all the monsters, I feel something nasty-wasty in the air.

Heimji-Keimji: We should go back as soon as possible!
Don’t worry about me, as I can run super-duper fast! I’ll meet you back at the embassy!

A New Journey (pt.2) - Ru'Lude Gardens
Heimji-Keimji: Oh, you're finally back.

Heimji-Keimji: Thank you so much for braving the dangers and finding me. You have my thanks. Now, then...

Heimji-Keimji: I hereby assign you, Player name, to the post of attaché of the Embassy to Jeuno.

Heimji-Keimji: May you prove yourself useful to our homeland and her friendship with Jeuno.


Heimji-Keimji: Do not stray far, as I may have need of you later. When that time comes, I hope you'll be just as helpful as you were before.

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