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A New Challenge for Fishermen
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The other day, our reporter noticed a rather downcast Tarutaru named N standing in front of the Fishermen's Guild in Selbina. The great disappointment on his face prompted questions, and in turn he explained his problem to me. Apparently, he had registered for Fish Ranking with high hopes as a veteran fisherman, but did not even rank high enough to receive a souvenir.

"Fish Ranking" is an event held periodically by the Fishermen's Guild, in which participants compete based on rules regarding the size and weight of a certain variety of big fish. The type of fish eligible for entry and the judging criteria vary with each contest. Participants that rank in the top twenty receive a Pelican Ring as a souvenir, but the top ten fishermen are also awarded a new title and prize money.

Today is the day that the acclaimed first entry period ends, and the results have been announced to show the fishermen where they stand.

"The person who caught the biggest giant catfish won. I had mostly always fish-wished in the ocean, and hadn't ever really caught giant catfish before, so I had no earthly-worthly clue how big of a fish I should aim for. I entered the biggest giant catfish I could find, which was a whole 118 lms, but even the fisherman who ranked twenty-wentieth had entered a 121 lm fish!"

The fish that took the top spot was an enormous 126 lms.

"Anyway, it's not like I ever gave a second-wecond thought to the size of the fish I caught. The price never changed, and the number of slicey-wices that I could get from the fish also wasn't affected, so what's the point? I just started pulling up all the giant catfish I could find when I heard the contest details, but I realized that every bitty-wit also depends on Lady Luck! Now I don't have much confidence in the fishy-wish I pulled up, so I'm buying a few at auction and taking a look at their sizes, too."

Adventurers who aren't affiliated with the Fishermen's Guild can also participate, so it may be that the fiercest competition came from rather unexpected sorts.

"What really surprised me looking at the ranking results was that most of the award winners had low fishing skill. I had expected that it would be an all-out battle-wattle between veteran fishermen, so I was really surprise-wised. It makes sense, considering that the size of the fish is completely unrelated to skill level, but still… I guess I just overestimated myself. This contest has given me a desire-wire to work even harder as a veteran fisherman!"

The ranking board displays each award-winning fisherman's skill along with information on the size of the fish. The souvenir pelican ring received by the top twenty participants enables the possessor to use an enchantment that increases the rate of fishing skill ups.

"I don't need a Pelican Ring one itty bit, being skill level 100 and everything. But I would really-weally like that title, being the veteran fisherman I am..."

N's eyes gleamed with a keen light as he spoke.

"I don't know what fish they're going to picky-wick for the next contest, but the battle has already begun! I've developed a plan to save all the smallest, biggest, heaviest, and lightest-wightest fish that I catch, and keep personal records of their information. Of course, it's all for nothing if I can't catch the fish needed to win Fish Ranking, but looking backy-wack at my records lets me clearly see the differences in fish size.

"This time, I'm aiming for victory!"

At the time of this article's publication, the entry period for the second Fish Ranking contest will have finished, and soon the results will be announced. Only time will tell if N will bask in the sweet glow of victory, or once again desperately work to catch the best fish.

Fish Ranking-a new challenge for fishermen across Vana'diel. Join in the fun to win a title or a Pelican Ring, or simply to enjoy the heated competition!

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 15

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