Game Script

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat (Mission) - Mog House
Script Video
It all began with a raindrop,

or so the legend says...

Moogle: Master! Oh, master, look! We've sprung a leak, kupo! Just look at it drip, drip, dripping away!

Moogle: What a terribly troubling turn of events, kupo! But have no fear! Sit tight and you'll see why I'm the most renowned handymoogle in the three nations!

Moogle: Goddess have mercy on my moogle soul. Look at this mess! Rotting roof boards! Rusted nails, kupo!

Moogle: Why, it's a miracle this tottering, tumble-down shanty--I mean, this beautiful abode of yours--is still standing, master!

Moogle: Anyhow, this simply won't do, kupo. We must make repairs before we have water up to my little wings!

Moogle: I figure all I'll need is a good Orcish armor plate, a Quadav backscale, and a block of Yagudo caulk to have this fixed up good as new, kupo!

Moogle: Could I trouble you to track them down? While you're out, I'll patch up the other problem spots.

Moogle: And do hurry, Master! Lest you return to find your poor moogle friend lying prostrate in a pernicious puddle of rainwater, kupo...

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