Start NPC Rotih Moalghett - Fort Karugo-Narugo (S) (I-8, Inside of the Fort.)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
Items Needed Key ItemFort Key
Title Granted Friend of Lehko Habhoka
Repeatable No
Reward Mihgo Mithkabob
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Knot Quite There Mission:
The Queen of the Dance

When One Man Is Not Enough


Battlefield Ghoyu's Reverie:

  • This is extremely similar to the Assault Mission Blitzkrieg.
  • This battle is uncapped and experience points are lost if knocked out.
  • Trusts can be called upon on in this battlefield.
  • Buffs do not wear off upon entry, except those that do while changing areas.
    • TP is reset to 0 on entry.
  • You will encounter a large number of Yagudo which have low attack and low HP(~200-600). They appear near the entrance and move towards a central chamber. They have a large detection range, and attack after a given time even without being aggravated.
  • One tier II or III -ga spell (Blizzaga III or Thundaga III) easily kills every monster within range.
    • Two black mages were able to alternate killing the entire wave with one spell, and cleared the fight in under 5 minutes.
  • The monsters in this battlefield are immune to Sleep.
  • After some time, Laa Yaku the Austere will appear. Once this NM is defeated, Yagudo stop spawning.
  • Occasionally, killing one of the Yagudo will restore your MP, HP, or TP.
  • Killing all of the Yagudo in the area ends the battle, and all party members will be transported out to West Sarutabaruta (S), near the entrance to Windurst Waters (S).
  • Upon failure, players need to speak to Rotih Moalghett again for another Fort Key to reenter.

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Game Description

Romaa Mihgo (Fort Karugo-Narugo (S))
After deciphering the Yagudo message, you return to Fort Karugo-Narugo to find the Tigresses missing. Fetch them back from Castle Oztroja before it's too late...