Type: SCNM
Zone: Castle Oztroja (S) at the Collapsing Floor (H-7 on the top floor)

Level: Uncapped
Members: 18
Time: 30 minutes

Requirements: Habalo's Eclogue - Verse I, Habalo's Eclogue - Verse II, Habalo's Eclogue - Verse III, Habalo's Eclogue - Verse IV, Habalo's Eclogue - Verse V, Habalo's Eclogue - Verse VI, Habalo's Eclogue - Verse VII, Habalo's Eclogue - Verse VIII
Title Granted: Ender of Idolatry





Tzee Xicu the Manifest (SMN) x 1



Tzee Xicu's Elemental x 4



Possible Rewards

Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

Unknown to one of:
Brilliant Earring (???%)
Ree's Headgear (???%)
Unknown to one of:
Diverter's Ring (???%)
Koschei Crackows (???%)
Prester (???%)
Unknown groupings:
Adaman Ore (???%)
Chrysoberyl (???%)
Damascene Cloth (???%)
Deathstone (???%)
Ebony Log (???%)
Jadeite (???%)
Mahogany Log (???%)
Moonstone (???%)
Mythril Ingot (???%)
Painite (???%)
Platinum Ore (???%)
Raxa (???%)
Sunstone (???%)
Vile Elixir +1 (???%)


  • Buffs wear upon entering the BCNM. (Note: RR hairpin does not wear)
  • Alter Egos are dismissed upon entering the BCNM, but can be summoned once it starts.
  • Tzee Xicu the Manifest has a short range 'aura' effect that seems to give players in range a weight effect.
  • The assistant elementals can cast Haste, Gravity, Aeroga II, Tornado II, Silence, Blink, etc.
  • Uses Vorticose Sands after a short message in say, causing heavy AoE damage and Silence.
  • Uses Kamaitachi, causing heavy AoE damage, knockback, and full dispel.
  • Uses Dark Invocation.
  • Elementals move at normal speed, but cast gravity often.
  • Elementals cannot be supertanked while Tzee Xicu is pulled away.
  • Extremely resistant to melee attacks.
  • Tzee Xicu the Manifest can strip all players of their gear that are in range.


  • Spawned in the BCNM accessed by trading the 8 boxes dropped from the 8 NMs within Castle Oztroja (S) to the NPC in each nation who will take the boxes.
  • When you get to the door at (H-7) on the top floor, the door will appear locked until the person who has traded all of the boxes clicks the door to enter the BC.
  • Trivial challenge at item level 119 with alter egos.
  • You don't need a full alliance, but BLM heavy are preferred to kill elementals.
  • Tzee Xicu's aura makes kiting difficult. It can be erased and will stay off for a few seconds movement.
  • NM uses Astral Flow, which causes the elementals to attack. If all elementals are defeated, this will have no effect.
  • SCH for Bindga on elementals.
  • A Malicious Manifest Strategies


See the Video page.