Start NPC: Erlene - The Eldieme Necropolis (S) (J-8)
Wings of the Goddess, Level 30
Items Needed: 12 sheets of Vellum
Title: Schultz Scholar
Repeatable: No.
Reward: Ability to become a Scholar.
Key Item: Grimoire

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: On Sabbatical
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Note: Should you accidentally, in your rush to please Erlene, hand over your 12 sheets of vellum before changing to one of the jobs listed, your information will be saved, and once you return as a blm, blu, rdm or smn you will be given another opportunity to use your "2-hour" and achieve level 1 Scholar status by viewing the rest of the cut scene. 2 people from my linkshell alone have gone through this little snafu, so I suspect it may be quite common for those who do not have a mage or smn job high enough to start the quest. Good luck!

Game Description

Client: Erlene - Eldieme Necropolis (S) (J-8)
Summary: You have been given the chance to study the grimoire used by the famous Schultz School of Martial Theory. Your first task is to bring Erlene twelve sheets of Vellum.

Game Script

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