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«FFXI-Movie» A Little Knowledge (Failure)

Game Script

A Little Knowledge - The Eldieme Necropolis [S]
Erlene: Oh! A potential pupil! Have you come to enroll in the Schultz School of Martial Theory?
Did you come to sign up?
Where's the dotted line?
I was just looking for the latrine... <---Choose this option

Erlene: Oh, I see. A mind is such a terrible thing to waste...

Cutscene ends.


Did you come to sign up?
Where's the dotted line? <---Choose this option
I was just looking for the latrine...

Erlene: Such enthusiasm! We certainly welcome beginners. Ah, how positively rude of me. You may address me as Professor Erlene. As well as serving on the Operations Staff here in the necropolis, I teach martial theory to academic applicants in my capacity as a military scholar. And what is martial theory, you ask? In a nutshell, it is the study of applying tactics and strategy to ensure victory on the field of battle. The Schultz School of Martial Theory mainly features the study of ancient military magic texts known as "grimoires." The beauty of this approach is the effective incorporation of spells and incantations into the latest strategy and tactics. Pupils schooled in Schultz martial theory are valued across Vana'diel as military tactiticans. Allow me to demonstrate the dual nature of the grimoire.

Erlene holds out a hand and a white grimoire appears midair, flips through, shuts, then vanishes.

Erlene: That was the white grimoire. And this, the black grimoire.

Erlene holds out her other hand and a black grimoire appears, flips through, shuts, then vanishes.

Erlene: Do I have your full attention now? Utilizing the teachings of the Schultz theories, one is able to switch between the two as the situation demands.

???: What is all the commotion?

A man in full Scholar artifact armor walks up.

Erlene: Professor Ulbrecht, when did you return?

Ulbrecht: Must I introduce myself to our guest, Professor Erlene?

Ulbrecht bows to you.

Ulbrecht: Greetings, I am Professor Ulbrecht, chief of operations of the Republic Army of Bastok. Hehehe. From my observations, I would say your interest was captured more by that flashy grimoire display than Professor Erlene's explanation of Schultz martial theory! Ah, I did not mean to criticize. It is natural for us to feel wonder at the things we do not understand. That curiousity is your ally. However, mastery of the grimoire requires more than simple enthusiasm. A pity, but I do not think you--

Erlene: Oh, enough of your ponderous blusterings, Professor. "The gates of knowledge must not be closed to one with a willingness to learn." Is this not a fundamental law of the Schultz school?

Ulbrecht sighs and begins to walk away. Erlene turns back to you.

Erlene: Do not take the professor's flippant dismissal to heart, you will have your chance to learn. there are, however, certain requirements. You must understand, the grimoires are valuable tomes... Ah, I am not seeking to deprive you of coin. There are other--

Ulbrecht: Sheets of vellum! We have a dire shortage of sheets of vellum!

Erlene: Professor Ulbrecht! I'll thank you not to interrupt me.

Ulbrecht: Have I misspoken? Do we not require this material in abundance? While the matter is not terribly urgent, I believe twelve sheets of vellum should cover our needs. You have your task. Altana's fortune smile upon you!

Erlene: Professor Ulbrecht! The applicant has yet to be processed!

Ulbrecht: Twelve! Not one less!

Erlene: Professor...!

Erlene turns to you.

Erlene: <Sigh>... If you would be so kind as to collect twelve sheets of vellum, I shall being planning an exclusive curriculum for your introduction to martial theory.

A Little Knowledge - Crawler's Nest [S]
Tucker: So, you're <Player>, right? Hehe, and that's not all I know. A little bird tells me you need sheets of vellum. Well, okay, it wasn't a little bird. It was Professor Ulbrecht, the loony in the tomb. He said I'd be getting a visit from a man/lady called <Player>. And shave my moustache if he wasn't right. Anyway, I might be able to help you with your little task. Of course, it ain't gonna be for free. Here's the deal. I give you one sheet of vellum for every twelve rolanberries you bring me. I'll take up to four dozen at a time. That means four sheets of vellum for you. With the way those scholars go through 'em, sheets of vellum are a gold mine for traders right now. I'm letting them go for cheap, if you ask me. I'll be right here when you're ready to trade the goods.
A Little Knowledge - Crawler's Nest [S] (First trade)
Tucker: You brought the rolanberries? Fair enough. Here's my side of the bargain. This should give a nice boost to my profits. Lemme let you in on a trader's secret as a little bonus. Crawler saliva has a preserving effect, you see. The rolanberries that have been down here for years sell for ridiculous prices. That's why there's always been a market for 'em here in the nest. I came to buy rolanberries on the way back from business with a customer, but the fields had been ripped up by a scuffle between the federation forces and the turtle guys. The shipments were canceled... I was in a real pickle until you showed up. And now I have pickled rolanberries! I'm still taking rolanberries if you got 'em. Just keep rolling those beauties into my arms!
A Little Knowledge - Crawler's Nest [S] (Final trade)
Tucker: You brought the rolanberries? Fair enough. Here's my side of the bargain. Thank you berry much! Ahaha... Uh-oh. Looks like I've run out of vellum. But thanks to you, I've built a handsome stockpile of rolanberries. I don't know how you manage to get a hold of so many, and I'm not gonna ask. No, keep your trap shut. I don't wanna know. Be safe on your travels. And say hello to that nutty professor for me!
A Little Knowledge - The Eldieme Necropolis [S]
Erlene: Ah, the sheets of vellum. Excellent. While I am still rather irked at Professor Ulbrecht's imposition, it is true we scholars can never have enough vellum in stock. I have already prepared your grimoire from our available supplies, of course. Inside, I have inscribed a curriculum on which to base your studies. Your grimoire is both magical tome and tactical manual. A military scholar fights with both intellect and knowledge--this book will be your weapon.

Erlene gestures with one hand, making a white grimoire appear and flip through before vanishing. She then gestures with the other, making a black grimoire do the same.

Erlene: Tell me, what are the two main schools of magic? Yes, white magic and black magic. Their natures are diametrically opposed, leading most practitioners to focus on one school or the other in order to attain true mastery. However, we scholars learn the laws of magic as a single theory, and thus overcome the disadvantages inherent in specialization. In simple terms, we are able to utilize the full potential of both forms of magic. From a tactical point of view, a scholar can choose the incantation most suitable for the task at hand, regardless of school. That is the strength that lies at the heart of the Schultz School of Martial Theory. But rather than listen to me drone, you would be better served by reading the grimoire and experiencing the theory for yourself. One learns faster through "doing," yes? Very well. Let's have you read the first page while producing an "arcane tap" effect. This manifestation of arcane energy will trigger the astral properties of the grimoire, and empower the words within. It will also serve to attune the tome to your personal astral signature. Ah... An arcane tap effect is somewhat different to the sudden burst of magic provided by spells such as "Fire." It is a steady stream of magical energy. Both "Manafont" and "Chainspell" are examples of arcane tap effects. How else can I explain...? Ah, yes. While similar, "Benediction" will not produce the required energy. The magical power of such abilities dissipate at the culmination of spellcasting. Do you understand the difference?

Erlene holds out a hand, causing a white grimoire to appear, flip through, then vanish.

Erlene: Now, initiate whichever arcane tap effect is available to you, and open the grimoire to the first page in order to complete the attunement process.

A Little Knowledge - The Eldieme Necropolis [S]
You kneel before Erlene. Both grimoires appear before you, flip through, then vanish. Erlene claps as you stand.

Ulbrecht: Congratulations on entering the Schultz School of Martial Theory!

Erlene: Professor Ulbrecht...

Ulbrecht: No need to steam up your glasses, Professor Erlene. I'm merely here to pick up the sheets of vellum.

Erlene hands them over to Ulbrecht.

Ulbrecht: Ah, here we are! Splendid!

Ulbrecht begins to walk away, but stops.

Ulbrecht: Were you aware that the history of magic stretches back six hundred years? During that time, the repid evolution of magical research has produced a myriad of spells and incantations. However! The effective utilization of these spells have never been the subject of thorough academic inquiry! These so-called "mages" have been so infatuated with their own power, that they have never spent the time to meditate on the method of its use. In this respect, their ignorance equal that of common military scholars who, on the other hand, have ignored the existence of magic in their strategies. And that is where the Schultz School of Martial Theory breaks away from the pack! In this age of stunning magical revolution, we are the only school to fuse arcane mystery with modern military tactics!

???: A stirring oration indeed. But, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

A newcomer dressed in Scholar artifact claps. Ulbrecht turns to look, confused.

Ulbrecht: Eh...?

???: Do you recall that lesson, Ulbrecht?

Erlene: Professor Schultz!

Ulbrecht: The roads are not safe! How did you...!?

???: A pleasure to see you again, Erlene, Ulbrecht. "The resourceful general employs his enemies as well as his allies." I merely hopped in the back of a passing beastman supply wagon, and alighted near my destination.

Ulbrecht: Same old Professor Schultz...

???: I believe introductions are in order. Erlene, if you might do me the honor?

Erlene: (This is Professor Gunther Schultz, the founder of the Schultz School of Martial Theory!) (He is a hero of Bastok, the type of genius that is born once a century...)

Schultz: Erlene. My name and title would have been sufficient. I am but a member of academic society, nothing more. And who do we have here? <Player>, is it? In this world of chaos, there is always an avenue to salvation. In one age, that salvation may take the form of a brilliant, charismatic leader; in another age, an immensely powerful weapon. However, I believe the key to ending this war will be the knowledge and actions of those who have mastered the arts of the military scholar. That is my firm conviction. And I am certain a day will come when you will hold the same belief. Oh, but listen to me ramble. I have no time to be delivering lectures... The Schultz School of Martial Theory encourages practical application. Only through testing your strategies in the heat of battle will you begin to grow as a scholar.

Schultz holds out one hand, causing a white grimoire to appear, flip through, and vanish.

Schultz: <Player>. Do not lose yourself in the power of the grimoire, but look within yourself for the direction you must tread. Now, if you will excuse me.