Start NPC Valah Molkot - Port Bastok (J-12)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
Items Needed Amaryllis
Repeatable No
Reward Exit to any area within the city from Bastok Mog House

Exit to Mog Garden from Bastok Mog House if unlocked

After completing Growing Flowers, A Lady's Heart, and Flower Child:
Mog House 2F and Mog Safe 2 unlocked


  • Speak with Valah Molkot at J-12 in Port Bastok, she will eventually mention something about a red flower.
    • (Optional) Try trading her a flower, she'll accept it but says what she really wants is an Amaryllis.
  • Trade her an amaryllis and she will teach you the back alleys of Bastok, enabling you to exit to any residential area within Bastok from your mog house.

Note: If you're having trouble receiving the quest, you can still complete it by simply trading the flower to her.

Game Description

Valah Molkot (Near Residential Area, Port Bastok)
Valah, the Mithra girl, wants you to impress her with a certain gift.
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