Start NPC Wahid (S) - Bastok Markets (S) (J-9)
Items Needed Jadeite
Repeatable No
Reward Trainee Burin


  • Talk to Wahid in Bastok Markets (S) (J-9) and he will ask for an Aquamarine, a Sunstone and a Jadeite.
  • Trade him the stones, and you'll be prompted with a choice in CS.
    • He offers you 50,000 gil for all 3 stones.
    • "On second thought..."
  • Whichever option you choose, you will get a CS.
    • Once the CS is over, you get all three gems back.
  • Zone out and back. Talk to him again.
  • Zone into North Gustaberg (S) for a small CS. You must zone in directly from Bastok Markets (S); warping there will not give you the cutscene.(May have to zone more than once for proper cutscene)
  • After this, head to (J-4/J-5 line, south east corner along the wall) (near the entrance to Palborough Mines; be careful as there are goblins around J-5). Against the wall in some bushes examine the ??? for a CS.
    • It is possible to get a different cutscene here, one that starts the quest Better Part of Valor. If so, zone back in and out of town again to get the correct one.
  • Check the ??? a second time for an Unadorned ring (Key Item).
  • Return to Wahid for a CS and multiple choices:
    • To show him the Unadorned ring or not to.
    • To tell him the bad news or not to.
  • Zone then talk to Wahid again for a short CS and your reward. Using Retrace counts as a zone.

Game Description

Wahid (S) (Gem Shop, Bastok Markets (S))
His line of supply cut off due to the worsening war climate, the pompous gem merchant Wahid has entrusted you to find a sunstone, an aquamarine and a jadeite to replenish his inventory.