Start NPC Quelveuiat - Tavnazian Safehold (I-10Tavnazian-Safehold-1.jpg)
Items Needed Sealion Crest Key (Optional)
Coral Crest Key (Optional)
Title Granted Tavnazian Squire
Repeatable No
Reward 2100 gil
Optional portion:
Key ItemTemple Knight key
Replay Cutscenes
A Hard Day's Knight (pt.1-2) Latteaune Tavnazian Safehold (H-6Tavnazian-Safehold-1.jpg)



Game Description

Quelveuiat (Altar of the Dawn, Tavnazia)
Your initiation into the Tavnazian order of knights requires you to assess the situation from the lookout platform in the south of Lufaise Meadows.

Historical Background

The title of this quest appears to be a play on words of "A Hard Day's Night" which was a film, album, and song by British rock/pop group: The Beatles

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