Start NPC Gu'Zho Thunderblade - Oldton Movalpolos E-13
Requirements Level 60+
Items Needed 01628.png Buffalo Hide
00850.png Sheep Leather
10,000 gil
01868.png Goblin Cutting Rare
15203.png Goblin Coif
Key ItemGoblin recommendation letter
Title Granted Moblin Kinsman
Repeatable Yes, once per Conquest Tally
Reward 15217.png Choplix's Coif RareExclusive
00748.png Gold Beastcoin


  • The beastman headgear quests consist of An Understanding Overlord?, A Moral Manifest?, A Generous General? and An Affable Adamantking?. You cannot have more than one active at a time.
  • Should you wish to cancel this quest once started, talk to Faulpie.
    • If you have progressed to the point where you have obtained the 01868.png Goblin Cutting Rare, you must drop it first.
    • If you have previously completed this quest, cancelling it will not remove it from your Completed Quests list.
  • You cannot obtain this quest whilst you have 15217.png Choplix's Coif RareExclusive in your inventory.
  • This quest may be attempted once per Conquest Tally.


Game Description

Gu'Zho Thunderblade (Oldton Movalpolos)
Gu'Zho has traveled to Movalpolos to become a mercenary. However, he cannot find the box to submit his application. Your job is to take Gu'Zho's letter to the box and lead the Goblin sergeant back to where Thunderblade will be waiting.