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Strategy: A Furious Finale

The approach to this battle is vastly different than typical party or solo situations. Dancers normally reserve TP to keep a party or themselves alive and buffed; the battle with Laila is about killing quickly and relying on external factors to keep the Dancer alive and buffed, as if the Dancer were a pure damage dealer instead of a supporting job. Trying to win this battle with the idea that you will outlive her through typical Dancer means will most likely result in failure.


Behemoth Knife +1
War Hoop
Dancer's Tiara
Bloodbead Earring
Evasion Earring
Scorpion Harness
Dancer's Bangles
Sniper's Ring
Venerer Ring
Amemet Mantle +1
Life Belt
Dancer's Tights
Dancer's Shoes


Dancer's Testimony
Hi-Potion (x20)
Tuna Sushi
Persikos au Lait
Instant Reraise
Vile Elixir
Vile Elixir +1 (not used)
Icarus Wing



  • Laila will always use her most powerful weapon skill, Dancing Edge
  • Laila will allow three weapon skills through natural TP gain to hit her before she begins spamming weapon skills
  • Laila will use Curing Waltz more often when hi-potions are used cautiously rather than spammed
  • Laila will use Trance around 50%-60% HP
  • Laila will allow around six minutes of battle before she grows tired of the fight and begins spamming weapon skills

Key to Victory
The key is building TP as quickly as possible to execute three weapon skills, using natural auto-attack damage to cancel out Laila's Curing Waltzes. On the third weapon skill, use the icarus wing perform a skillchain, and victory is assured. After three failed attempts and going over the details of every battle, this strategy resulted in a win of 5 minutes and 26 seconds.


  • This fight is most easily done at 70 using a Behemoth's Knife.
  • There is no need to sleep TP before engaging Laila.
  • Use the scroll of instant reraise and persikos au lait after entering the battle, but before engaging Laila.
  • Use sushi once inside or before entering; it does not matter.
  • Do not use any Sambas or Waltzes unless Trance is active.
  • Always use Reverse Flourish when 4 Finishing Moves are stored up; do not wait for 5.
  • Stay above 600 HP to survive her worst.
  • Use hi-potions to stay alive, and vile elixirs only when having significant trouble keeping HP above 600.
  • Use Trance when Laila uses Trance; while Trance is active, use either Drain Samba III or Haste Samba, Waltz to keep HP full, and store up Finishing Moves.
  • Use Building Flourish with every weapon skill except the last.
  • Merits and capped parrying are not necessary, but capped dagger and evasion are extremely helpful.
  • It is not necessary to enter naked and without food (there is no irrefutable evidence this does anything, and is therefore a fallacious assumption to base a strategy upon).


A Furious Finale - Nanayume of Alexander

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