Requirements Lest We Forget and

Champion of the Dawn complete

Items Needed KeyItemButterfly-shaped key
Title Granted Heir of Eternity
Repeatable No, only to help others.
Reward The avatar Atomos

Cipher: Lilisette

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Champion of the Dawn None



  • The time limit for this battle is 30 minutes.
  • Up to six members may enter, but they must each possess a KeyItemButterfly-shaped key or have beaten the fight before.
    • Alter Egos may be called forth inside the battlefield.
  • You must fight Gloomtalon, a Gallu, and Gloomscale, a Zilant.
  • Cursna will not work in this battle so bring holy water
  • Lilisette MUST be kept alive to win the fight.
    • If you fail the fight or if Lilisette is defeated in battle, you may obtain another KeyItemButterfly-shaped key from the Regal Pawprints near to the Ornate Door. There is no wait time to obtain the key item for this version of the quest, and, therefore, you may repeat the fight immediately.
  • After the battle, you will get a cutscene where you learn Atomos and receive a Cipher: Lilisette.

Game Description

Cait Sith (Walk of Echoes)
Cait sith has implored you to find a way to help the struggling Lilisette, for a cavernous maw has opened to the dark future. Go forth and ensure that the world does not fall.