Start NPC Robel-Akbel - Windurst Waters (S) (?-?)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
Items Needed Signal Firecracker (Key item)
Title Granted Jewel of the Cobra Unit
Repeatable No
Reward Ruby
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When One Man Is Not Enough
In the Name of the Father

The Long March North



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  • Enter Ghoyu's Reverie via the Abandoned Mineshaft. Up to a full party can come, provided they have a Signal Firecracker, if its their first time. Otherwise, if anyone has completed the quest before, they will not need a Signal Firecracker to enter, only someone with one to participate.
    • Buffs cast outside the battlefield do not wear off when you enter! Except buffs that wear upon zoning, such as composure, refresh etc.
    • Exp is lost during this fight!
    • Remember that TP WILL be lost due to changing Areas!
    • Romaa Mihgo and her Wildcat Volunteers assist you in this Assault style fight.
    • The objective is to destroy the Confederate Belfry.
    • There are a number of Quadav that are present at the beginning of the fight. Approx. 12 Quadav at beginning of battle of various types including Nickel Quadav, Zircon Quadav, Silver Quadav & Bo'Dho's Shieldwarrior.
      • The Quadav seem to initially have hate on a specific Mithra. Can be pulled away normally, but difficult due to Mithra's attacking. Verification Needed
        • The mithra have a specific target they will head for after reaching their spot in the arena. (Ran in and ES + Sleepga II all the quadav and the mithras ran to attack their target quadav anyway)
      • Note: Romaa and the other Mithra do not engage until you are within 25' giving ample time for TP via Meditate or Opo-Opo Necklace plus buffs.
        • Note that your time is not infinite. The Mithras WILL run in to attack without you if you take too long. Others have reported that they had time for 2 Meditates without the NPCs running in, however, we waited for 3 Meditates (due to Shikikoyo) and when we ran in the NPCs were already fighting and Romaa died before we even saw the Belfry.
      • Quadav show no apparent resistance to sleep, bind, or gravity.
    • Eventually, a number of Gigas will spawn as reinforcements.
    • Romaa Mihgo must be kept alive. If she dies, the quest ends in failure. Note: It is possible to attack the Confederate Belfry "zerg" style and win, since defeating it would end the battle. However, Romaa has low defense. She and the Wildcat Volunteers are very fragile and will die quickly if not repeatedly cured.
    • As this is not a mission battlefield, KO will result in exp loss.
      • If you are KO when kicked from the battlefield, your reraise will be lost from zoning out.
  • Trusts can be called inside.

Game Description

Robel-Akbel (Windurst Waters (S))
The Cobra Unit and the newly arrived Cheetah Volunteers have received orders to conduct a joint diversionary operation in Sauromugue Champaign. Participants are to convene on-location.