«FFXI-Movie» 0283 CoP 8-2 - A Fate Decided

«FFXI-Movie» 0283 CoP 8-2 - A Fate Decided

Game Script

A Fate Decided (pt.1) - Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
Prishe: Hey, it's Player name!

Ulmia: Prishe!?

Prishe: Glad to see you guys are okay.
You gotta help me! I was trying to chase down that two-faced Orc-kisser, Nag'molada...

Prishe: But there's a gate blocking the way! I can't put a dent in it, even with my best drop-kick.
Dammit, if I only had my amulet, I could pop it open faster than you could say "Bahamut's backside!"

Prishe: If we don't get a move on, old Naggy's gonna get to the Chamber of Eventide before us!

Jabbos: this...Chamber of...Eventide...?

Prishe: I don't know for sure, but it's a device that's supposed to suck the Emptiness right out of a person.

Ulmia: Extract the Emptiness...?

Prishe: Do you remember, Player name?
The Emptiness within caused the ancients to lose the whisper of the soul.

Prishe: Their inner darkness grew so intense that it completely overshadowed the light.

Prishe: And that's why Nag'molada means to use the Chamber of Eventide--to become wholly Zilart once more.

Prishe: But both Miss Mildaurion and Selh'teus warned us that the device is too unstable.

Prishe: We gotta stop him from making a huge mistake!
C'mon, get those legs moving!

A Fate Decided (pt.2) - Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
Nag'molada: Why...?

Nag'molada: Why would she be in the chamber...?

Prishe: Nag'molada!

Nag'molada: Has even the Dawn Maiden come to know the icy grasp of Emptiness?

Nag'molada: Has the great goddess Altana finally abandoned us to our hopeless destiny?

???: No, Nag'molada.
Lady Yve'noile has become the instrument of Altana's will.

Nag'molada: Selh'teus!?

Selh'teus: If the plans of the terrestrial avatars and the Kuluu were to fail, this was the last line of defense.

Selh'teus: She has attempted to absorb the Emptiness pervading the Chamber of Eventide and destroy it along with her own existence.

Nag'molada: Why would she do such a thing!?

Selh'teus: To prevent the coming of the Keeper of the Apocalypse.
Promathia has been reborn.

Prishe: What the hell!?
Promathia was only supposed to come back if Al'Taieu fell to Vana'diel! Bahamut himself said so!

Selh'teus: Then allow me to correct the statement. The incarnation of the Twilight God has been resurrected.

Prishe: The incarnation?

Selh'teus: The Keeper of the Apocalypse is the instrument of Promathia's will.

Selh'teus: And Promathia's will is the Emptiness. The vessel that was destined to hold that darkness is among us once more.

Selh'teus: The incarnation sought to fill itself with Emptiness.

Selh'teus: And that Emptiness was found here--a source of darkness drained from many Kuluu during the perfection of the Chamber of Eventide.

Selh'teus: A darkness greater than that of the intended keeper was unwittingly focused in this place.

Selh'teus: This source of Emptiness, if left unchecked, would lead to the resurrection of Promathia. Thus the attempt of Lady Yve'noile to send it into oblivion--along with her own life.

Nag'molada: And you let her commit this act!?

Nag'molada: Lady Yve'noile is not to blame!
She built the Chamber of Eventide in the name of love!
She tried to rescue us from our fate!

Selh'teus: You speak the truth.
We Kuluu are at the beginning of all of this.

Selh'teus: That is why I absorbed the Emptiness from the chamber...

Selh'teus: I sealed it within me, and departed this life.

Nag'molada: You...died?'re still...?

Prishe: Phoenix...
Phoenix was with you, right?
She brought you back to life.

Prishe: Miss Mildaurion came to the same conclusion. When the Emptiness dies with you, it will be born again in another form.

Prishe: That's why you sealed it within you. Like I did with my magicite.

Selh'teus: ...Yes.
However, that act was a dangerous gamble.

Selh'teus: With the creation of this new world, Bahamut lost his power and I could do nothing but flee the incarnation of the Twilight God.

Selh'teus: I was trapped here, unable to return to Vana'diel.

Selh'teus: It was then that Lady Yve'noile released the blinding light of her lifeforce to bind the incarnation within the audience chamber...

Selh'teus: Exhausted by her efforts, she fell into eternal dream...

Nag'molada: How could this have happened!?
Is not Paradise meant to be the realm of the gods, overflowing with the blessed light of the crystals!?

Nag'molada: Are we not supposed to gain a higher dimension of existence--to attain perfection!?

Selh'teus: Although it is sustained by an amplified shard of the mothercyrstal, this world is not the perfect Paradise of legend.

Selh'teus: And neither are you ready to be the perfect Warriors of the Crystal.
Both you and this world lack the full blessings of the crystal's light.

Prishe: So, what the hell are we supposed to do?

Selh'teus: You must pass through the Gate of the Gods and visit the five towers of the Garden of Ru'Hmet.

Selh'teus: Those towers are bathed in the light of the mothercrystals. They were built to cleanse the five forms of darkness from a person's soul.

Selh'teus: If that light illuminates the darkness that lurks in the deepest corners of your being, only then may you stand a chance against the incarnation of Promathia.

Prishe: Selh'teus!
Have you finally worked up some enthusiasm for this battle!?

Selh'teus: I do not know.
I no longer experience any emotion...

Selh'teus: I realize this may be an unwelcome fact, but you must be prepared. The five forms of darkness are but wispy shadows in comparison to the abyssal void of the Emptiness.

Selh'teus: It is a complete and implacable foe.

Selh'teus: Your victory in this battle is not assured.

Selh'teus: What I can do, though, is show you the truth.
Everything will be revealed on the highest level of the palace.

Selh'teus: If you are still ready to fight when the time comes, I will join you in the struggle to save the world.

Selh'teus: Come, the path beyond the Gate of the Gods awaits.

Prishe: Let's go, Player name.

Prishe: But first...!

Prishe: Hey!

Prishe: !?

Nag'molada: Take it.
Leave me be.

Nag'molada: I must inter Lady Yve'noile within the Ou'Hpat Obelisk.
She cannot return to the crystal from here...

Prishe: ...

Prishe: Ah, hell!
Don't think this means I've forgotten anything!
All your betrayals, the Moblin massacre--I'll be waiting to make you pay!

Prishe: See you at the top!

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