«FFXI-Movie» 0557 WotG 48 - A Dreamy Interlude

«FFXI-Movie» 0557 WotG 48 - A Dreamy Interlude

«FFXI-Movie» A Dreamy Interlude (Optional)

«FFXI-Movie» A Dreamy Interlude (Optional)

Game Script

A Dreamy Interlude (pt.1) - Grauberg (S)
Cait Sith: !!!

Cait Sith: Lilisette's's beginning to glow. Emitting light.

Cait Sith: Why won't she awaken? Don't tell me...we were too late? Were slow to return?

Cait Sith: Lilisette...

Cait Sith: Lilisette! Come back to us! Wake up!

Cait Sith: <Gasp!>

Lilisette: ... ......

Lilisette: ...... ......Player Name...?

Cait Sith: ...!

Lilisette: ... ......Hm?

Lilisette: ... <Yawn>... Huh...?

Cait Sith: Li...lisette...

Cait Sith: Oh, thank the Goddess... Altana be praised...

Lilisette: Player Name... Cait Sith... Isn't it a little be awake?

Cait Sith: <Sob, sniffle> You've been asleep for far too long, more like! Overslept something fierce!

Cait Sith: If only you knew how much Player Name and I feared for you! How much of a fright you gave us!

Lilisette: What...happened to me?

Lilisette: Player Name...?

Lilisette: You...saved me?

Cait Sith: That she did, and most resolutely. With unparalleled singleness of mind.

Cait Sith: Player Name roamed far and wide, returning only after she had gathered all your scattered memories. Found them all.

Lilisette: ...

Lilisette: Thank you...Player Name... I owe much...

Cait Sith: As I had earlier explained to Player Name, together you two form the wings of the Goddess. The bearers of Altana's divine will.

Cait Sith: Only in union can you soar the skies and fulfill the destiny that you share. Your prophesied task.

Lilisette: I see...

Lilisette: Lady Lilith... Are we...going to confront her?

Cait Sith: Yes, it's past time we came to grips with her. Can no longer delay the denouement.

Cait Sith: But you, Lilisette, have been through much and more of late. Suffered unspeakable traumas.

Cait Sith: Anyone could tell by looking at you that you're a spring chicken, but none could know how right they'd be. Quite literally correct. But we know better, and as such you shall remain here for the nonce and convalesce. Recover your strength.

Lilisette: All right...

Cait Sith: To the enemy's dismay, we've clawed our way back to be on a footing with them. Stand on even ground. I'd wager this is their first taste of desperation. Their introduction to fear.

Cait Sith: We must take this to mean that they will come at us in force. With steel singing and magick blazing. Ready yourself as best you can, Player Name. Go meticulously prepared.

Cait Sith: When the Harbinger cometh,

Cait Sith: The Champions of the Dawn shall descend...

Cait Sith: The Maiden of the Dusk shall descend...

Cait Sith: ...

Cait Sith: Bear witness, Atomos. Behold which side of the playing board shall be left tear-drenched when the dust settles. When all is said and done.

A Dreamy Interlude (pt.2) - Grauberg (S)
Lysithea: Thou needest not worry. My kin and I shall watch over the child until such time as thou dost return.

Cait Sith: The survival of our world hinges on the imminent confrontation. See that you are well rested and prepared, Player Name, before we embark on the final leg of our journey. Strike for fate.

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