Start NPC Eddy - Port San d'Oria (H-6)
Pygmalion - Port Windurst (M-7)
Grin - Port Bastok (G-7)
Swift - Kazham (H-7)
Requirements San d'Oria Reputation 1 or
Windurst Reputation 1 or
Bastok Reputation 1
Airship pass
Items Needed Dropped Item
Title Granted Discerning Individual
Very Discerning Individual
Extremely Discerning Individual
Repeatable Yes
Reward 500 gil


Sample Passenger

  • The starting NPC informs you that he/she found a lost package and asks you to return it to the owner, who is a passenger on the next airship.
  • If you accept the assignment, you will be shown the owner of the package.
  • The 'owner' is a randomly generated NPC, including Race, face/hair, and clothing. You will be allowed to repeat the viewing until you say "I got it". At this point you receive the Key Item: Dropped Item.
  • Once airborne you have until you land to find the true owner. There will be 8 Passengers on this ship which look similar to the owner. The variations are always in the clothing and hair, and not the race/gender/face. Sometimes the Passengers are in hard-to-see places, such as the top of the canopy over the stairs from below deck, or behind covered section of the propeller engine.
  • If you return the Dropped Item to the incorrect passenger, he/she will take the package and you get no reward. If you return the Dropped Item to the correct passenger you receive 500 gil.
  • The correct passenger is the same NPC for all people on that single trip.
  • If you do not turn the Dropped Item in by the time you land, you will still have it and must return it to the NPC in the town you started in before attempting this quest again (from any nation).


  • When you have completed this quest with a passenger of each race and gender, you receive the title, "Very Discerning Individual".
  • When you have completed this quest with a passenger of each character model, you receive the title, "Extremely Discerning Individual".
The quest will show up under the quests of the city you started it in and fame will be assigned to that city.

Tip: Technically, you need to memorize all of "hair, hat, body, hands, legs, feet" appearance from the original; However, if you focus on getting the hair, hat,and boots right, that will often be enough to pick out the correct passenger.

Game Description

Eddy (Port San d'Oria), Pygmalion (Port Windurst), Grin (Port Bastok) or Swift (Kazham)
You have been asked to return a dropped item to its rightful owner. The passenger should be on the next airship flight.
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