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A Crystalline Prophecy (Mission) - Lower Jeuno
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Joseph: I say, do you see that!?

Shomera: It looks like...but could it truly be? A giant...crystal?

Omer: This's like n-nothing I've ever seen!

Verena: Aldo... Whatever could this mean?

Aldo: I haven't a clue, Verena. ...But I'd wager it doesn't bode well for us.

(Chateau d'Oraguille)
Claidie: What could this mean, brother? Is it some sort of omen...?

Trion: I only wish I had answers for you, Claidie...

Trion: One thing is for certain, though...we've not seen the likes of this crystal before.

Pieuje: That otherwordly light... Could it be a visitant from Paradise...?

It all began with a stone...
...or so the legend says...

Pieuje: Shh! Listen...! Do you hear something?

Karst: Do my ears deceive me? This ethereal voice...

Naji: It's coming from the crystal... The crystal is...singing?

Ayame: The beckoning call of a preternatural stone...

Cid: I'll be damned if I know where that slab of rock came from, or what it's doing here. But one thing's for sure--that's no ordinary energy it's giving off!

In ages past...
...a sentient jewel, enormous and beautiful...

Cid: No, I don't like the looks of this one bit.

...banished the darkness.
It's many-colored light filled the world with life and brought forth mighty gods.

(Windurst Walls)
Apururu: I sense...such immense power. This crystal harbors an unbelievably strong will...

Semih Lafihna: It would seem that we've got ourselves another trrroublesome situation on our hands...

Shantotto: And so we face a most curious plight. What a perfect occasion for me to brandish my intellectual might! O~hohoho!

???: Stand back! You must not draw near!

Semih Lafihna: Star Sibyl!

Star Sibyl: That...thing. You must not approach it. It is...not meant to exist in this world.

Semih Lafihna: Not meant to exist in our worrrld? But that means--

Star Sibyl: That stone... It is...

Star Sibyl: It is--

Star Sibyl: No!!! The horror! The pain! Love! Love will be the ruin of us all!

Semih Lafihna: Star Sibyl!?

(Lower Jeuno)
Bathed in that light, the world entered an age of bliss...
...until, after a time, the gods fell into slumber.
That world was called Vana'diel.
Our world, Vana'diel.
Title: A Crystalline Prophecy. Ode of Life Bestowing. Final Fantasy XI.

Joseph: What the--? What am I doing here?

Omer: Why, I could've sworn I just saw a-- Must be my ol' noggin playin' tricks on me again...

Shomera: Good heavens! This is no time for daydreaming! I must get back to work before the master scolds me!

Verena: Aldo...? Was that--

Aldo: wasn't a dream, Verena. I saw it too, plain as day.

Aldo: A massive crystal floating majestically, and yet somehow ominously, like a star in the sky...

Aldo: And yet, look at these people's faces. Blissful and unaware, as if they have no recollection of what they saw mere moments ago.

Aldo: Not even a fleeting memory of that enormous jewel...

Aldo: ...and its many-colored lights.

???: Did you see them, mister/miss? The many-colored beams of light...

???: Did you hear the ancient song?

???: That was the memory of the crystal, the "Memoria de la S^tona." The song of ages past that heralded the birth of the gods...

???: And yet, look at the townsfolk around you. How strange... It's as if they never noticed a thing.

???: Or perhaps they did, but don't recall...?

???: No memory of what they heard and saw. How curious indeed.

???: Doesn't this make you wonder, mister/miss? Aren't you troubled by what you're seeing?

???: Don't you wonder what's happening to your precious Vana'diel?

???: Like it or not, it would seem you've been chosen. Chosen by the echo of the crystal.

???: Chosen for what, you ask? That's not for me to say...

???: Sure, you could just turn and walk away from your fate. But if you care for the future of your world, seek out the Seedspall Lux, the Seedspall Luna, and the Seedspall Astrum...

???: What are they? Why, the rays of light you just saw, of course. Or what remains of them, at least. Raining down from the heavens, they settled in forests, marshes, and mountains...

???: Where did the crystal come from? For what purpose has it come to our world?

???: Open your ears to the echo of the ancient melody...

???: And you just might find the answers you seek.

???: I'll be waiting for you at Qufim Island. Bring the shards to me there, and we will see what mysteries they hold.

???: And now, you'd best be on your way, adventurer. It would appear that the wheels have long since been set in motion.

Young Aldo: By they way, you can call me Aldo.

Young Aldo: You? Oh, I know you all too well, Player Name. Do take care, now.

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