Start NPC Ranpi-Monpi - Windurst Waters (D-9)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 2
Repeatable Yes
Reward 400g




  • Talk to Ranpi-Monpi (Northern Windurst Waters) to learn that he cooked a bad batch of food for the Yagudo by accident. Ranpi-Monpi is located in the Culinarians' Guild.
  • Once you reach Giddeus, head down the ramp behind the food or drink altar (at F-8 or I-8), and go to (F-7) in the cave area. Just walk into the treasure room, even though Uu Zhoumo tells you to go away. Check the altar to receive the Key Item:Off Offering.
  • Take the Off Offering back to Ranpi-Monpi (just talk to him again).

It also cannot be completed if The Dawn of Delectability was activated after this quest, until The Dawn of Delectability is finished.

Game Description

Ranpi-Monpi (Culinarians' Guild, Windurst Waters)
When preparing the food offering as a sign of Windurst's friendship with Giddeus, Ranpi-Monpi accidentally mixed in a liquid that the Yagudo hate. Quickly recover the tainted offering from the altar at Giddeus before ruffling some Yagudo feathers.