«FFXI-Movie» 0235 - A Chocobo's Tale

«FFXI-Movie» 0235 - A Chocobo's Tale

Game Script

A Chocobo's Tale - Upper Jeuno
Nevela: You see, chocobos have wings, do they not? But they cannot fly! So they cannot really be birds, can they?

Nevela: Everyone thinks about such things before they learn to accept them. But I think it's good to question.

Nevela: I was thinking this out loud when an Elvaan girl passing by stopped to talk to me.

Prishe: But what about moogles? They've got wings, and they can fly, but you wouldn't call 'em birds.
They've got funny antennae, too, but they're not insects, either.

Nevela: When I responded to her remark with the fact that both moogles and chocobos are animals, this is what she asked:

Prishe: Then what's the difference between animals and people?

Nevela: I answered, ""People are smarter than animals."
And then she retorted, "People sure are more sly!"

Prishe: Ahahaha, don't get all huffy on me!
I stopped to talk because what you were saying was important.

Prishe: People are all different from one another.
They're different from animals, and different from plants.
This difference is what makes it all worth it.

Prishe: There are lots of ways to think and feel,
and things to know and to believe.
But in the end, we all come from the same source.

Prishe: That's true for both people and animals.

Prishe: We all have this thing called a soul.
The souls of animals are pure and simple.

Prishe: Look over there.
That chocobo is living proof.

Prishe: You should ask someone how that chocobo was born.
Then you'll have your answers.

Nevela: ...And then she went on her way.

Nevela: I went to find out how that chocobo was born, but no one could tell me.

Nevela: Shalott said the chocobo's mother was from the stables in Bastok.

Nevela: She said it was a special chocobo that had silver-colored feathers on its neck.

Nevela: How I wish I could go to Bastok to see her for myself.

Nevela: I wonder if that Elvaan girl will be passing by again anytime soon...

A Chocobo's Tale - Bastok Mines
Wobke: A chocobo with silver-colored feathers...?

Wobke: Ah, you'd be talking about Silver Comet.

Wobke: She used to be the mount of a highly ranked general in the Bastokan navy.

Wobke: The general's son received the chocobo as a coming-of-age present, which he promptly took advantage of to leave Bastok.

Wobke: For the longest time, no one saw hide nor hair of man or beast--until eventually, Silver Comet came wandering back to town...alone.

Wobke: I heard later on that the general's son had lost his life somewhere in the wilds.

Wobke: Only Silver Comet had managed to return unharmed.

Wobke: In memory of his son, the general asked us to take the chocobo into our care...

Wobke: But then one day, Silver Comet was gone.
Some chocobo thief had stolen her.

Wobke: Hm?
You say a chick of Silver Comet's is being kept in the Jeuno stables?
You must be mistaken.

Wobke: Anyway, after the theft, the general exhausted every avenue in search of his son's chocobo.

Wobke: He eventually found an adventurer who allegedly saw a chocobo drowning in the Pashhow Marshlands.

Wobke: That chocobo had the same markings as Silver Comet.

Wobke: If you want to try talking to that adventurer, you should go to the outpost in the marshlands.

Wobke: He's given up the adventuring life, it seems.
Now he earns his daily bread by seeing to the needs of the soldiers at the outpost.

A Chocobo's Tale - Pashhow Marshlands
Ulzana: Whaddaya want?

I got no time for adventurers.

Ulzana: Huh? Where'd you hear...
Well, whatever.

Ulzana: Silver Comet...
What the hell are you bothering ma about that old chocobo story for?
You some kind of crackpot?

Ulzana: Leave me alone, you loon.

Ulzana: Can't you see I'm busy?
This place gets too wet and too dark too quick to be wasting time chatting.

Ulzana: Hold up a minute.
If you bring me some bottles of warding oil, I might be willing to give you the time of day.

Ulzana: Yep, three of those ought to do it. I'll give you until the day after tomorrow.

A Chocobo's Tale - Pashhow Marshlands
Ulzana: You brought what I asked for?

Careful with that stuff, it's powerful smelly.

Ulzana: It's good for hiding a person's scent, you see.
Helps me get around.

Ulzana: Now, then.
You wanted to hear about that chocobo, right?

Ulzana: She was one of the fastest chocobos I've ever ridden, but damn near uncontrollable.
I don't know how Silver Comet's owner handled her.

Ulzana: I guess the death of her former owner is what sent her off the edge.
That chocobo wasn't right in the head.

Ulzana: She threw herself headlong into the marshes.
Thought my number was up, I can tell you!

Ulzana: When I saw her in the stables, she was wearing a collar attached to a chain.

Ulzana: That wasn't to keep the general's mount from being stolen-- it was to keep Silver Comet from flying the coop, so to speak.

Ulzana: That general's a real schemer.
Said that if Silver Comet was released, she would be able to find Shooting Star.

Ulzana: It's his fault I almost got killed!

Ulzana: Huh?
Who's Shooting Star? He's a chocobo, too.

Ulzana: Shooting Star was Silver Comet's mate.

Ulzana: Their love was a pure, uncomplicated thing, much more so than what people feel.

Ulzana: Ahahaha!
I think this oil is starting to muddle my senses.
I'll see you around, adventurer.

A Chocobo's Tale - Bastok Mines
Wobke: Were you able to meet with that adventurer?

Wobke: ... Is that right?
I think you were around that bottle of warding oil a bit to long.

Wobke: It sounds to me like that adventurer was the one that stole Silver Comet in the first place.

Wobke: Or at least you would think so, if the thief wasn't supposed to have drowned in the marsh as well.

Wobke: You mentioned a "Shooting Star"?
I know that name.

Wobke: That chocobo was raised alongside Silver Comet.
Those two were almost inseparable as chicks.

Wobke: Unfortunately, unlike Silver Comet's case, Shooting Star died saving his master.

Wobke: I'm guessing Silver Comet was trying to find him when she jumped into that marsh.
The general mentioned something similar at the time, I recall.

Wobke: Hm?
Still trying to convince me that her chick is in Jeuno?

Wobke: I'm sorry, but I really think you're mistaken.
I mean, the general even had Silver Comet's collar.

Wobke: He said he was going to lay it on his son's grave in Batallia Downs.

Wobke: But, wait.
I seem to remember that collar being sent by a man named Brutus.
He runs a chocobo stable in Jeuno...

Wobke: Why would the collar be sent from Jeuno when Silver Comet drowned in the Pashhow Marshlands?

A Chocobo's Tale - Upper Jeuno
Nevela: Wow...

So this collar belonged to that chocobo's mother, Silver Comet?

Nevela: I would place this on the grave of her mate, Shooting Star, if I only knew where it was.

Brutus: So you're the two snoopers who were asking Shalott about Silver Comet.

Brutus: That collar...!?

Brutus: You've dug pretty far into this old story. Looks like after twenty years, people start to let things slip.

Nevela: Please don't be angry, Brutus.

Nevela: I found out that chocobos can fall in love, just like people do.

Nevela: There was a girl who taught me that animals and people are the same.

Nevela: I think the story of Silver Comet and Shooting Star helped me to really understand what she meant.

Brutus: Well then, I suppose I'll have to tell you the whole tale.

Brutus: Silver Comet and Shooting Star never really died.

Nevela: Really!?

Brutus: Shooting Star was a special chocobo that was attacked by an evil man.

Brutus: He was badly wounded when they brought him here, and we all worked hard to get him back on his feet.

Brutus: But Shooting Star was being chased by the evil man, so we had to hide him away.

Brutus: We took him to a place in the west of Batallia Downs, where that villain would never find him.

Brutus: But the bad man was clever. He knew that if he had Silver Comet, her bond to Shooting Star would lead them right to the chocobo's hiding place.

Brutus: Silver Comet was one smart chocobo, though.

Brutus: She deliberately dove into the marshes to force the villain from her back.

Brutus: It was an extremely dangerous thing for Silver Comet to do.

Brutus: But she never gave up.
She had to protect her mate from the man who meant to hurt him.

Brutus: Silver Comet swam through the muck and dragged herself free of the marshlands.
She was able to make it to Shooting Star's side.

Brutus: That's why I took off her collar and set her free.

Shalott: What happened to them after that?

Nevela: Did they live happily ever after?

Brutus: That's right.
And the youngest of the brood they raised together is that chocobo right over there.

Nevela: What a great story...

Brutus: It's not over yet.
The villain of this tale is still lurking around somewhere.

Brutus: That's why you can never tell anybody what you've heard here today.
You want to keep that chocobo safe, right?

Nevela: I'll never tell, I promise!

Brutus: Glad to hear it.
And one more thing...

Brutus: Don't forget how Silver Comet never gave up on her mate.

Brutus: Even when those they love and believe in have gone, animals will keep on striving.

Nevela: Right
That's because animals come from the same source as people.

Brutus: Adventurer, you can have this.
Keep this story to yourself.

Nevela: Thank you so much!
And this is from me.

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