«FFXI-Movie» 0584 Mog 13 - A Challenge! You Could Be a Winner

«FFXI-Movie» 0584 Mog 13 - A Challenge! You Could Be a Winner

Game Script

A Challenge! You Could Be a Winner - Throne Room
???: Wait up, Master!

Moogle: I'm here! Let the games begin!

Moogle: Surely you weren't going to walk off with all the prizes yourself, kupo?

Moogle: But how odd... Where are all the games!? The chocobo shoe toss! The Whack-a-Mole-Crab! Wherever is the Mega Mog Bonanza-Rama-Palooza!?

Moogle: Kupo?

Moogle: I have a bad feeling about this...

???: Hehhehheh... Didn't think ya'd make it this far.

Moogle: Toto! What's the meaning of this, kupo!? Where are the games you promised!?

???: Oh, you'll get your games alright, kid. Whaddaya say we start with "Pin the Sword in the Meddling Moogle." Hehhehheh...

Moogle: R-Riko!?

Riko Kupenreich: I've swindled many a sucker in my day, but to think you'd fall for this festival flimflam...

Moogle: Wh-what's the meaning of this? What are you doing here, kupo!?

Riko Kupenreich: Ya still don't get it, do ya?

Riko Kupenreich: Uncle Riko gave ya the perfect opportunity to end this quick-and-easy, like. But ya just hadta play the hero, didn't ya?

Riko Kupenreich: I was hoping it wouldn't come ta this. Disposin' of bodies--even puny ones like yours--ain't cheap, ya know. But hey, that's the way the cinna-cookie crumbles.

Moogle: Riko! I should have known you were the one behind this shady scam!

Moogle: It was far too conniving for that cerebrally challenged Toto to have hatched all by himself, kupo!

Riko Kupenreich: Listen up, you no-good moochers.

Riko Kupenreich: You've gotten away with yet rent-free Mog Houses for long enough.

Riko Kupenreich: Ya want repairs and renovations? A penthouse suite with a Ru'Lude Gardens view?

Riko Kupenreich: Fine, here's the deal. And before ya ask, this one ain't negotiable.

Riko Kupenreich: First, we tear up each and every one of those sorry shacks you call Mog Houses.

Riko Kupenreich: In their place, we put up luxury apartments with all the modern accoutrements. Glorious, massive Mog Towers reaching high into the clouds!

Riko Kupenreich: But here's the kicker: no more free rides for you freeloading adventurers. I'll cater only to the richest of the rich--fat cats and bigwigs with the loosest of purse-strings!

Riko Kupenreich: Since you two seem so eager, I've already decided to start with your place...

Riko Kupenreich: Hm. Ya ain't looking to happy 'bout this. But that's no biggie. 'Cause the two of you are gonna be movin' out, ya see? ...Permanently, like.

Riko Kupenreich: No more skulking in the shadows for me. Soon, all of Vana'diel will know the name of Riko Kupenreich, mog estate tycoon! Bwahahahahahaha!

Toto Kupeliaure: Yeah! With me as your Chief Expectorative Officer!

Toto Kupeliaure: With your money and my brains...we'll be unstoppable!

Riko Kupenreich: Don't think so, kid. See, I've got you pegged for an early retirement.

Riko Kupenreich: Maybe you can join yer old man on his cruise... I hear Mount Zhayolm is beautiful this time of year.

Toto Kupeliaure: Wh-what!?

Toto Kupeliaure: Y-you can't do this to me! I'm a Kupeliaure!

Riko Kupenreichh: Enough! ...Behold!

Riko Kupenreich: Look upon this majestic, multifaceted jewel! See it shimmer with the light of innumerable galaxies!

Moogle: I-is that...a giant...c-c-crystal!? ...In his stomach, kupo?

Riko Kupenreich: Even a half-wit dunce knows magicite when he sees it.

Riko Kupenreich: Hehhehheh...I know just what you're thinking.

Riko Kupenreich: "Uncle Riko stumbled onto some weird crystal, and got himself possessed by another supernatural force," eh?

Riko Kupenreich: Hah! I pity your lack of vision!

Riko Kupenreich: For I, truly, am the Moogle to End All Moogles! The Alpha and the Omega! The Keeper of the Kupocalypse!

Riko Kupenreich: Arise, my minions!

Riko Kupenreich: Millenia of indentured servitude... Of our noble race being used, abused, and taken for granted by self-absorbed adventurers like you... The injustice has burned a hole in the belly of the very fabric of my being!

Riko Kupenreich: Seething flames of agony rage deep within my moogle soul! Flames that can only be quelled by...yes! Your complete and utter destruction!

Riko Kupenreich: Feel the fury of innumerable pairs of purple wings beating as one! Mogmageddon!

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