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A Bat's-Eye View Part II
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Spectacled Bats are used by Orcish Cursemakers as highly capable scouts and messengers. We managed to capture several of these creatures and decipher the visions and missives bound for the Orcish homeland. (Translation: Anonymous Goblin)


This is a convention of the people's red-nosed lapdogs. We were able to intercept fragmented bits of a speech from a leader-like identity that said, "We moogles have resolutely decided to..." "...clean out..." "...the dirt...kupo." One might gather from this exchange that even if they're a bit late, they have finally realized the foolishness of colluding with people and are planning to "clean out the dirty mortals."

A Bat’s Eye View Part II1

This Goblin is bringing cocoons from the Crawlers' Nest on orders from the Goblin thieves, specially contracted by the army. Silk cloth made by Goblin weavers is in high demand among the foolish masses, and selling to them gives us precious capital for our armies. Of course we give our best silk cloth to our omnipotent, magnanimous, sublime leader.

A Bat’s Eye View Part II2

Here are some watchful green necromancers in a valuable image from deep inside the Temple of Uggalepih. They are lighting the column lanterns with rancor flames. To be fair, they aren't exactly our enemies, but anyone should step lightly around those so skilled in creative assassination methods. We let it pass, though, because they have the admirable quality of hating people.

A Bat’s Eye View Part II3

In this picture, adventurers at the Uleguerand Range try their hands at cliff diving. They aren't soldiers in the strict sense of the word, but they have experienced many battles, making them highly dangerous and widely despised. At present, they are our greatest enemies. Their lust for dominion knows no bounds. Surely they would even go so far as to try invading our glorious empire.

A Bat’s Eye View Part II4


Here we see the Orcish army testing their mettle in the ring. Grappling matches are hugely popular among the Orcs. Fearless swordsmasters and muscular boxers duke it out in the ring, sometimes falling in battle. This greatly boosts the morale of the troops. Our resolution will lead us to victory in the face of people's national policies and adventurers' challenges! Long live the empire!

A Bat’s Eye View Part II5

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 09

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