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A Bat's-Eye View Part III
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[[{{SUBST:A Bat's Eye View Part III}}|   ]]

Spectacled Bats are used by Orcish Cursemakers as highly capable scouts and messengers. Once again, we managed to capture several of these creatures and decipher the visions and missives bound for the Orcish homeland. (Translation: Anonymous Goblin)


This is a scene we recently happened to witness while on a reconnaissance flight over a southern island; our goal was to spy on certain antlike vermin that were reportedly strengthening their armies. These overgrown weeds that resemble ugly little people appear to be worshipping the sun. Furthermore, they noticed us just after this image was taken and came after our team at lightning speed, raining needles upon our poor scouts and bringing all of them, save one, out of the sky. They are presently assumed to be an enemy of our glorious army, and further investigation is underway.

A Bat's-Eye View Part III 1

Here is a scene from the town where Goblin lookalikes who call themselves “Moblins” reside. They were once cowards, making their homes deep underground, but recently they have had a change of heart, and have since emerged to seek domination of the Quon continent, earning their place as the landmass’s fifth great power. They appear to be recruiting new soldiers at present. Moblins are natural weaklings, unlike the strong and robust Orcs, but reports indicate that they can be dangerous in groups. The Moblins’ strength in numbers has earned them a place alongside the overgrown weeds in our continued investigations.

A Bat's-Eye View Part III 2

This suspicious pair may resemble long-eared adventurers, but appearances can be deceiving. Also called “doppelgangers” (lookalikes) by undersized adventurers, they are actually undead creatures that are greatly feared due to the fact that they infest the ruins of Sarutabaruta, indiscriminately hunting down hapless intruders. However, our noble commander has his own thoughts. He claims that doppelgangers are simply long-ears who have masked their vital signs using a forbidden curse, so one might deduce that they were dispatched from San d’Oria in an effort to crush the undersized ones’ newfound power. Such a crafty, cruel tactic is only to be expected from the long-ears. If the bite-sized ones only knew, war might break out among the races of people like long ago, and we would have to turn to our invincible overlord in all his marvelous wisdom for his glorious judgments on battle strategy.

  • Editor’s note: We would like to clarify that these are groundless accusations, and San d'Oria has stated her objections. We have provided a direct translation in order to faithfully represent the Orcs’ thoughts, but please remember that these are just the ramblings of a half-witted beastman who refuses to see logic.

A Bat's-Eye View Part III 3

Here you can see Goblin merchants riding on a ship run by people. They are undetectable by the naked eye due to the effects of invisibility, but cannot exactly be called stowaways. Apparently, they pay ludicrous fees to some organization of people called a “company” in order to be allowed to ride in secret. The Goblins are earning a fortune smuggling goods to Mhaura and selling them off to dull-witted people, and the passengers on the ship never even cast them a glance!

  • Editor’s note: The Windurstian Combat Casters have already arrested the company employees in question.

A Bat's-Eye View Part III 4

This scene might fool you into thinking that adventurers somehow succeeded in capturing our glorious fort. Please rest assured that this is actually just a miniature model of Fort Ghelsba. Forced to abandon the idea of tackling our fort after their umpteenth defeat, the people have created a replica in order to vent frustration pent up from their constant failures. It also seems that they are even using the little area for a form of conflict called “Balistan,” or something like that. Their situation is so pathetic that their enemies could almost feel pity for them, but it only goes to prove how close our armies are to the sweet taste of victory. Long live the Empire!

A Bat's-Eye View Part III 5

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 13

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