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A Bat's-Eye View
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Spectacled Bats are used by Orcish Cursemakers as highly capable scouts and messengers. We managed to capture several of these creatures and decipher the visions and missives bound for the Orcish homeland. (Translation: Anonymous Goblin)


Berry grubs are chased away from the Rolanberry Fields by creatures known as "goobbues." Just as we enslave buffalo or people for labor, Altana's children utilize goobbues for the purpose of eliminating pests and bringing in fruit harvests.

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Behold the fierce warriors of Vatgit's Vilebloods, led into battle by our infamous warmachines. This indomitable force clashes with the long-ears on a daily basis so that our invincible overlord may one day enjoy hunting in the wilds of Ronfaure unmolested.

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Recently, the great wyrm Vrtra has been spotted haunting the tomb of the long-ears' king. Some of the weak-minded fools are even rejoicing at the dragon's appearance, believing it a sign that the pact with their king has been revived. Vrtra can be seen here roasting a group of outlaws known as "adventurers."

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Here you see a unit of pitiful soldiers arrayed for inspection in a San d'Orian courtyard. Weakened by our endless assaults, the long-ear forces number barely a tenth of their former strength. The white-armored knight performing the inspection is none other than the imbecilic prince royal himself.

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This Goblin shepherd has a special contract to supply our armies with fresh meat. These fattened sheep will keep our soldiers fed and strong until reinforcement [sic]

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 07

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