Start NPC Mischief Marker - Western Adoulin (J-11)
Items Needed Several Sickles or Trailblazing Sickles
Key ItemGuffawshroom
Title Granted Sauce Supreme
Repeatable No
Reward 1000 EXP/limit points
Choice of:
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To Laugh Is to Love None


  • Wait for the next game day after previous quest, then check the Mischief Marker at Western Adoulin (J-11) for a cutscene.
  • Check the Door: Depository nearby to the northeast for a cutscene.
  • Go to Rala Waterways (M-6) (enter from F-7 in Eastern Adoulin) and check the Entrance: Coliseum for a cutscene.
  • Check the Entrance: Coliseum again to enter the battlefield against Pupadi Dollmohr, Celestin, and Fabioso in Rala Waterways (U).
    • Only Pupadi Dollmohr needs to be defeated to win the fight.
    • Trusts and other players who are on or past this quest can aid in the battle.
    • Tuffle-Buffle and Musto-Rusto will attempt to hinder you by dying. If they die, you will fail the fight.
    • Tuffle-Buffle spams -ga II and -ga III nukes, while Musto-Rusto casts single-target enfeebling spells such as Paralyze and Slow.
    • Tuffle-Buffle's and Musto-Rusto's attacks generate extreme amounts of enmity, so Tuffle-Buffle will likely tank all three NMs with his weak -ga spells.
    • Fabioso uses the Blue Mage ability Unbridled Wisdom, and Celestin uses the Red Mage ability Chainspell.
      • Fabioso seems to favor Area of Effect spells while under Wisdom. Can use Unbridled Learning to use one other spell, notably Absolute Terror.
      • Fabioso can also use Charm, causing you to kill one of the Tarus extremely fast.
    • Both Fabioso and Celestin are susceptible to gravity. Untested on Pupadi Dollmohr but probably its too. Subduction can inflict heavy gravity on all of them so that you can safely kite.
  • If you fail the fight, check the Sauce Barrel at Western Adoulin (J-5) near the Adoulin Waterfront. You will have to trade a specified food to it, which can be purchased from Defliaa (I-11).
  • After you are victorious, check Door: Svenja's Manor in Western Adoulin (I-8) for a cutscene.
  • Purchase some Sickles (or Trailblazing or +1).
  • Go to Sih Gates and find a Harvesting Point, /laugh at it, then trade the sickle.
    • If done successfully you have a chance of harvesting the Key ItemGuffawshroom.
    • Harvesting for key items is much easier with a full inventory.
  • Check the Door: Hospital at Western Adoulin (I-9) for a cutscene.
  • Check the Mischief Marker for the final cutscene and 1000 EXP / limit points, management skill increase of 0.4 to a management skill of 1, and you're now an official manager of the Mummers' Coalition.


  • Talk to Peladi Shalmohr at the Mummers' Coalition (G-10) for a choice of earrings.
    • If you want a different earring, it will cost 10,000 bayld.
    • These earrings cannot be sent via delivery box to a storage mule.
Anastasi earring.png
Gelos earring.png
Hija earring.png
Burana earring.png

Game Description

Tuffle-Buffle (Near the warehouses, Western Adoulin)
A mannequin of curious origins has been wrested from Tarutaru Sauce's control. The suspects are not altogether unknown, and the prize can't be far. Search the immediate area for traces of its whereabouts.