This is the first Ninja Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF1.
Start NPC Ryoma - Norg (H-8)
Requirements Ninja 40+
Repeatable Yes, see Vingijard after AF is complete.
Reward Anju
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Ayame and Kaede I'll Take the Big Box


  • With your main job as Ninja, speak with Ryoma in Norg at H-8 in a small corner at the dock overlooking the water, for a cutscene.
  • You no longer need to be Ninja main job for the remainder of this quest.
  • Head to Port Bastok and talk to Kagetora in Warehouse #2, just across from the Airship dock, who will send you off to find Ensetsu, located at (I-5) in the northernmost house east of the warehouse.
    • Note: If you have the quest Chasing Dreams active, and are on the sixth step in the quest (when you must trade five Eastern Gems to Patient Wheel), you will have to talk to Kagetora a few more times until he gives you the correct cutscene.
  • Ensetsu provides additional background and sends you to Eastern Altepa Desert to investigate.
  • Head to the border of H-5/H-6 in Eastern Altepa Desert, clear the area, and click the ??? when your party is set.
  • Two NM spiders named Tsuchigumo will spawn. (see testimonials)
    • You do not need to be a Ninja to spawn the NMs and get the Key Item.
    • Both spiders, if not engaged, will despawn after about five minutes.
    • The spiders are immune to sleep but they will spawn unaggressive if the ??? is checked under the effect of Sneak.
    • You must kill both spiders, even if using the Sneak method to spawn them. Only killing one will result in a "There is nothing out of the ordinary here" when re-examining the "???" on the ground.
    • If you kill one and died on the second one, you can come back here and the second one will not despawn. Once you kill it, you can examine the "???" to get the Key Item.
  • After you kill both Tsuchigumo, re-examine the ??? and you will receive a KeyItemTrick Box.
  • Return to Port Bastok and talk to Ensetsu (optional)
  • Head to Norg and speak with Ryoma to complete the quest.


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Game Description

Ryoma (Quay, Norg)
Norg has begun investigating an ancient scroll that was rediscovered as of late. Speak with Tenshodo member Kagetora in Bastok for more details.
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