2024 June Version Update
≪June 10, 2024 (JST) Version Update≫
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June brings with it monthly updates to Ambuscade, the addition of icons to denote items that are deliverable within the same PlayOnline account, and revisions to some of the text commands.


  • The monthly Records of Eminence objectives have been swapped out.
  • Additionally, Corneila's alter ego will be returning for a limited time due to everyone achieving the Vana'Bout Round 2 target goal.
      Cornelia news
    • Acquiring the Alter Ego
      • If you have completed the quest Trust, you will automatically obtain the alter ego upon logging in after the Monday, June 10, 2024, version update. No message will be displayed signifying that you have acquired the alter ego.
      • If you have not completed the quest Trust, you must first complete it after the Monday, June 10, 2024, version update and then relog or change areas. No message will be displayed signifying that you have acquired the alter ego.
    • Period when the alter ego may be used: Cornelia's alter ego may be used between the version update on Monday, June 10, 2024, and the version update in December 2024. Exact date are subject to change


  • Ambuscade has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
    • The foes in Normal and Intense Ambuscades have been swapped out.
      * As such, the corresponding Records of Eminence objectives have changed.
        Bozzetto Songstress All-Watcher
  • In preparation for adapting the Besieged battle content to higher levels, the level difference adjustment has been removed from Al Zahbi.
    • Besieged will be adapted for higher levels via future version updates.


  • New items have been added.
  • New items are now storable via the Porter Moogle
  • An "Sendable" icon has been added to the item details to denote which items can be delivered to other characters under the same account.
      Alt icon example
    Items that display this icon indicate which items (including those with the "Exclusive" designation) can be sent to other characters under the same account or on another World.
  • For a limited time only, players will receive a special Ark Shield just for logging in.
      Arc Shield ingame
    • Receiving the Item: Each character will have the item placed in their inventory just by logging in. Limit one per character.
    • Players without any free space in their inventory upon login will have it placed in their inventory after clearing out some space and changing areas or relogging.
    • Note that players will unable to receive another Ark Shield under any circumstances, even if they dispose of their first one.
    • Distribution Period: Monday, June 10, 2024 version update to the July 2024 version update


  • You can now use the "/names" text command to decide which names are displayed or hidden in the game, and a new "otherpc" option has also been added. By selecting "otherpc" for the names to be hidden, you can toggle the name display for player characters other than yourself on/off.
	USAGE: /names [subcommand] [type to hide]
→ Turns all name displays on/off.

>> Subcommands:
  Turns names on.
  Turns names off.
  Toggle on and off when no subcommand is specified.

>>[type to hide]
  Turns other PC names on/off.
  Applies to all characters.

Resolved Issues[]

  • The issue wherein players affected by the Animated status during the Peach Power battlefield were unable to utilize certain abilities.
  • The issue wherein the "Aftermath: "Cure" potency+" effect of the club Lorg Mor was not applied to Cura or Curaga.
  • Various issues with incorrect text. (English version only)

Known Issues[]

  • There are currently no known issues.