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≪May 10, 2021 (JST) Version Update≫
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Enjoy a new chapter in The Voracious Resurgence and the monthly updates to Ambuscade.



  • Ambuscade has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
    • The foes in Normal and Intense Ambuscades have been swapped out.
      * As such, the corresponding Records of Eminence objectives have changed.
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    • Certain items obtainable in exchange for hallmarks have been swapped out.
    • Certain items obtainable for total hallmarks have been swapped out.
    • Certain items obtainable in exchange for badges of gallantry have been swapped out.
  • The following jobs have undergone adjustments.
    • Paladin
        2021 May PLD.jpg
      • The effects of Reprisal will no longer fade even if the damage reflection cap has been exceeded.
    • Ranger
        2021 May RNG.jpg
Ability Level acquired Recast Time Duration Effect
Hover Shot 95 3 minutes 60 minutes Increases range attack damage, ranged accuracy and magic accuracy, as well as decreases enmity, when attacking an enemy at range from a location one yalm or more from where you last attacked it.
      • The ability Decoy Shot has undergone the following adjustments.
Pre-adjustment Post-adjustment
Transfers a portion of enmity generated until the effect fades. Enmity transferred will fade over time from the point the ability is used until it is at the base value when the effect expires.
Recast Time: 5 minutes Recast Time: 3 minutes

The base value is the same as the as pre-adjustment enmity value.



* There are no system-related updates.

Resolved Issues

  • The issue with an incorrect item name.
Pre-adjustment Post-adjustment
Gleti's Greaves Gleti's Breeches
  • The issue wherein regen effects of a certain potency or above would not function properly on pets.
  • The issue wherein the weapon skills Dragon Kick and Tornado kick would not properly grant the effect of TP Bonus+ when used under the effects of the monk ability Footwork.
  • The issue wherein the attributes of the Wanted notorious monster Carousing Celine in Fei’Yin were incorrect.
  • The issue with the quest The Destiny Destroyers wherein players were unable to participate in the accompanying battle under certain conditions.
  • The issue with the katana Yagu Darkblade wherein the visual effects of the area of effect-boosted Utsusemi: Ichi and Utsusemi: Ni were incorrect.

[English Version Only]

  • Various issues with incorrect item help text.

Known Issues

* There are currently no known issues.

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