New Items

Item Description Obtained
Blizzard Brand Exclusive Blizzard brand November 2017 Login Campaign
Blizzard Brand +1 Exclusive Blizzard Brand +1 Synergy
Demonic Axe RareExclusive [Axe] All Races DMG:1 Delay:288 Lv.1 All Jobs
Rusted Identification Card Rusted identification card
Blackened Identification Card Blackened identification card
Beastmen's Medal A bronze medal cobbled together from various rusted identification cards.
Kindred's Medal Kindred's medal
Footshard: WAR Exclusive Footshard WAR
Footshard: MNK Exclusive Footshard MNK
Footshard: WHM Exclusive Footshard WHM
Footshard: BLM Exclusive Footshard BLM
Footshard: RDM Exclusive Footshard RDM
Footshard: THF Exclusive Footshard THF
Footshard: PLD Exclusive Footshard PLD
Footshard: DRK Exclusive Footshard DRK
Footshard: BST Exclusive Footshard BST
Footshard: BRD Exclusive Footshard BRD
Footshard: RNG Exclusive Footshard RNG
Footshard: SAM Exclusive Footshard SAM
Footshard: NIN Exclusive Footshard NIN
Footshard: DRG Exclusive Footshard DRG
Footshard: SMN Exclusive Footshard SMN
Footshard: BLU Exclusive Footshard BLU
Footshard: COR Exclusive Footshard COR
Footshard: PUP Exclusive Footshard PUP
Footshard: DNC Exclusive Footshard DNC
Footshard: SCH Exclusive Footshard SCH
Footshard: GEO Exclusive Footshard GEO
Footshard: RUN Exclusive Footshard RUN
Voidfoot: WAR Exclusive Voidfoot WAR
Voidfoot: MNK Exclusive Voidfoot MNK
Voidfoot: WHM Exclusive Voidfoot WHM
Voidfoot: BLM Exclusive Voidfoot BLM
Voidfoot: RDM Exclusive Voidfoot RDM
Voidfoot: THF Exclusive Voidfoot THF
Voidfoot: PLD Exclusive Voidfoot PLD
Voidfoot: DRK Exclusive Voidfoot DRK
Voidfoot: BST Exclusive Voidfoot BST
Voidfoot: BRD Exclusive Voidfoot BRD
Voidfoot: RNG Exclusive Voidfoot RNG
Voidfoot: SAM Exclusive Voidfoot SAM
Voidfoot: NIN Exclusive Voidfoot NIN
Voidfoot: DRG Exclusive Voidfoot DRG
Voidfoot: SMN Exclusive Voidfoot SMN
Voidfoot: BLU Exclusive Voidfoot BLU
Voidfoot: COR Exclusive Voidfoot COR
Voidfoot: PUP Exclusive Voidfoot PUP
Voidfoot: DNC Exclusive Voidfoot DNC
Voidfoot: SCH Exclusive Voidfoot SCH
Voidfoot: GEO Exclusive Voidfoot GEO
Voidfoot: RUN Exclusive Voidfoot RUN
Rolanberry Pickled Rarab Tail Rolanberry Pickled Rarab Tail Let's Go! Vana'diel Day!
Black Hourglass RareExclusiveTemporary A curious device in which the black sand actually flows up from the bottom and vanishes in a dark swirl of granules.
Coffer (Pluton) Exclusive A gilded coffer that contains a frightening amount of pluton.
Coffer (Beitetsu) Exclusive A gilded coffer that contains a frightening amount of beitetsu.
Coffer (Boulder) Exclusive A gilded coffer that contains a frightening amount of rift boulders.
Agoge Caligae +2 RareExclusive [Feet] DEF:91 HP+25 STR+22 DEX+24 VIT+23 AGI+38 MND+16 CHR+33 Accuracy+33 Attack+46 Magic Accuracy+26 Evasion+62 Magic Evasion+90 "Magic Def. Bonus"+4 Haste+4% "Berserk" effect duration +25 Lv.99 WAR
+2 and +3 footwear as above for each job via Dynamis-Divergence. Will update later coz boring.

Modified Items

Functional Changes

Not sure if this is functional or not, as idk the difference between Conserve and Save

  • Senkutanto - "Conserve TP" is now "Save TP"
  • Senkuto - "Conserve TP" is now "Save TP"

Typographical Changes

Seemingly random removals of a few "" around abilities. WTH SE?

New Key Items

New Titles

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