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≪June 7, 2017 Version Update≫
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Ambuscade has undergone the usual facelift, with battles against slugs taking center stage!

The chance of additional effects activating has been raised for certain weapon skills, and the Escutcheon questline has a new confirmation process for cancelling the quest.

Read on for details.


  • The escutcheon questline has undergone the following addition.
  • A dialogue option and warning text related to canceling an escutcheon quest in progress have been added.
* Reattempting the quest requires the player to dispose of their shield in progress first.


  • Ambuscade has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
  • The foes in normal and intense Ambuscades have been changed.
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  • Certain rewards available for badges of gallantry have been changed.
  • Certain rewards available for total hallmarks have been changed.
  • The chance for the additional effects of the following weapon skills to activate has been increased.
Shockwave / Gale Axe / Shield Break / Armor Break / Weapon Break /
Full Break / Nightmare Scythe / Infernal Scythe / Stardiver / Tachi: Ageha /
Skullbreaker / Shell Crusher / Dulling Arrow / Shattersoul / Sniper Shot


  • A new furnishing has been added.
170607 02
  • The following item is now storable via the porter moogle.
Lion Statue

Resolved Issues

  • The issue wherein the category names for Adoulin quests would not be displayed properly when speaking with the event replay NPC Bheva Grantih in Eastern Adoulin (K-9)

Known Issues

  • Various issues with incorrect NPC dialogue and help text.
  • The durations of the following white magic spells are incorrect.
Sandstorm II / Rainstorm II / Windstorm II / Firestorm II / Hailstorm II / Thunderstorm II / Voidstorm II / Aurorastorm II
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