Spring Flowers Campaigns 2017 (04/11/2017)

Event Period

Tuesday, April 11 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) to Sunday, April 30 at 7:59 a.m.

Increased Seal and Crest Drop Rate Campaign

The rate at which seals and crests are dropped is increased based on the number of members in the party up to a maximum of six seals.

Assault - Nyzul Isle Uncharted Area Survey Mysterious Item Campaign

During the campaign, adventurers will have a chance to acquire new mysterious items whenever defeating a notorious monster on each floor.

Mweya Plasm Campaign

Earn double the usual amount of Mweya Plasm from defeating Delve notorious monsters and clearing the content.

Adoulin Dial Campaign

A brand new dial will added to the Goblin Mystery Box! The Adoulin dial is usable once per Earth day and provides a variety of rewards specific to Seekers of Adoulin content, such as Skirmish stones and airlixirs from Delve. Further, the chance of receiving equipment from the SP dial will be increased.

  • The Adoulin dial is completely free to use.
  • At least forty-five days must have passed since character creation to be eligible to use the Goblin Mystery Box.

Geas Fete Campaign - PLUS!

Receive double the usual amount of escha silt from defeating monsters in escha areas during the campaign. Additionally, personal rewards from Geas Fete are increased by two items, and players will receive either an eschalixir, eschalixir +1, or eschalixir +2.

  • In Reisenjima, players will receive either pellucid stones, fern stones, or taupe stones.

Reisenjima Geas Fete Equipment Campaign

An additional personal reward will drop from Geas Fete notorious monsters in Reisenjima, providing you with an extra chance to obtain their spoils!

Dark Matter Arcane Glyptics Campaign

Geas Fete notorious monsters in Reisenjima through Arcane Glyptics can be engraved with arcane glyptics up to six times at no additional charge, with the equipment receiving the same benefits as if they were engraved with dark matter.

  • Visit Oseem in Norg (I-7) to engrave your equipment.
  • At 8:00 a.m. (PDT) each day (Earth time), the restriction is lifted and you will be able to engrave your equipment up to six times again.

Dynamis Granules of Time Campaign

Players will automatically receive all types of granules of time upon entering Dynamis.

Hyper Chocobo Digging Campaign

The time that must pass between executing your next command after digging will be decreased.

  • This does not apply if your skill is at its maximum.