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| [[Discreet Louise]]
| [[Discreet Louise]]
| [[Deepbed Soil]]
| [[Deepbed Soil]]
| [[:Category:Funguar|Funguar]] Likely
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| [[Flowerpot Merle]]
| [[Flowerpot Merle]]
| [[Vermihumus]]
| [[Vermihumus]]
| [[:Category:Mandragora|Mandragora]] Likely

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New Armor:

Name Type Lvl Def Effects Jobs

New Weapons:

Name Lvl Dam Del DPS Type Effects Jobs
Verethragna 80 +27 +51 Hand-to-hand MNK / PUP
Twashtar 80 42 176 Dagger THF / BRD / DNC
Almace 80 52 224 Sword RDM / PLD / BLU
Caladbolg 80 98 430 Great Sword PLD / DRK
Farsha 80 61 276 Axe WAR / BST
Ukonvasara 80 109 482 Great Axe WAR
Redemption 80 113 502 Scythe DRK
Rhongomiant 80 111 492 Polearm DRG
Kannagi 80 47 210 Katana NIN
Masamune 80 97 437 Great Katana SAM
Gambanteinn 80 67 300 Club WHM
Hvergelmir 80 87 390 Staff BLM / SMN / SCH
Gandiva 80 89 490 Archery RNG
Armageddon 80 58 582 Marksmanship RNG / COR

New Scrolls:

Name Job Type Lvl Effects Obtained
Cure VI WHM White Magic 80
Protect V WHM / RDM / SCH White Magic 76 / 77 / 80
Shell V WHM White Magic 76
Baramnesia RDM White Magic 78
Baramnesra WHM White Magic 78
Stone V BLM / SCH Black Magic 77 / 79 (Addendum: Black)
Water V BLM Black Magic 80
Aspir II DRK Black Magic 78
Foe Requiem VII BRD Songs 76
Army's Paeon VI BRD Songs 78
Knight's Minne V BRD Songs 80
Aisha: Ichi NIN Ninjutsu 78

New Food:

Name Description

New Quests:

Quest Type Client Location
New Worlds Await Limit Break Nomad Moogle Ru'Lude Gardens

New Notorious Monsters:

Name Level Zone Notable Drop(s)

New Blue Magic:

Name Job Type Lvl Effects Obtained
Acrid Stream BLU Blue Magic ? Deals water damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area originating from the caster. Additional effect: Lowers target's magic defense.
Blazing Bound BLU Blue Magic ? Deals fire damage to an enemy.
Plenilune Embrace BLU Blue Magic ? Restores target party member's HP and enhances attack and magic attack. Gnole
Cimicine Discharge BLU Blue Magic ? Reduces the attack speed of enemies within range. Gnat
Demoralizing Roar BLU Blue Magic ? Weakens the attack of enemies within range. Wivre
Animating Wail BLU Blue Magic ? Increases attack speed. Qutrub
Battery Charge BLU Blue Magic ? Gradually restores MP. Magic Pot
Leafstorm BLU Blue Magic ? Deals wind damage to enemies within area of effect. Treant
Regeneration BLU Blue Magic ? Gradually restores HP. Sea Monk

New Weaponskills:

Name Type Skill Lvl Skillchain(s) Jobs
Tornado Kick Hand-to-Hand 275+Verification Needed Unknown MNK / PUP
Blade: Yu Katana NIN
Aeolian Edge Dagger THF / DNC
Numbing Shot Marksmanship RNG / COR
Sanguine Blade Sword PLD / RDM / BLU
Bora Axe Axe WAR / BST
Herculean Slash Greatsword DRK
Cataclysm Staff BLM / SMN
Infernal Scythe Scythe DRK
Tachi: Ageha Great Katana SAM
Sonic Thrust Polearm DRG
Flash Nova Club WHM
Refulgent Arrow Archery RNG
Fell Cleave Great Axe WAR

New Beastmaster Jugs

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Familiar Jug Family Job Level Available Pet Level Cap Time
Crafty Clyvonne Cunning Brain Broth Coeurl Likely UNKNOWN UNKNOWN ?? mins
Lucky Lulush Lucky Carrot Broth Rabbit Likely UNKNOWN UNKNOWN ?? mins
Discreet Louise Deepbed Soil Funguar Likely UNKNOWN UNKNOWN ?? mins
Dipper Yuly Wool Grease Likely Chigoe UNKNOWN UNKNOWN ?? mins
Flowerpot Merle Vermihumus Mandragora Likely UNKNOWN UNKNOWN ?? mins
Nursery Nazuna Dancing Herbal Broth Sheep Likely UNKNOWN UNKNOWN ?? mins
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