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Campaign Gets Reinforcements! (06/15/2009)
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The upcoming version update will see exciting developments in Campaign, including the opening of new areas, the introduction of the "Union" system, and a host of other additions and refinements.

Bullet The Battlefront Moves North!
The following areas will become potential sites for future Campaign conflicts:

Beaucedine Glacier (S) / Xarcabard (S)

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Bullet New Campaign Medals!
Currently, the highest decoration players may be awarded through evaluation is the coveted "Wings of Honor." With the new version update, two yet more prestigious distinctions will be unlocked, and the corresponding equipment—including body armors for each nation—will be added to the items obtainable with Allied Notes.
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Bullet All for One and One for All! Introducing the "Union" System
Building upon the existing parties and alliances, the new version update will allow players to form larger battle regiments known as "Unions." By joining a Union, players may take part in Campaign operations on an expanded scale and receive a wide assortment of battle spoils for successful efforts.

To join a Union, a player need only seek out a Campaign Arbiter while in possession of Allied Tags. Any Campaign Arbiter will heed your request, regardless of nation affiliation.

Great riches await triumphant Unions, including but not limited to the ancient currencies obtainable in Dynamis, a wide assortment of synthesis materials, and the spoils of vanquished Beastman Confederate captains. Such rewards will be distributed via Union treasure caskets after the conclusion of each battle.

Scavengers be forewarned! Those who sit back on the sidelines to let their allies do the dirty work will find themselves denied their share of the spoils. Soldiers must make sufficient contribution to the cause to be eligible to reap the rewards.

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