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≪Sep. 9, 2008 (JST) Update Details≫ (Japan Standard Time)

A Word to Players

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Event Related

VersionUpdateBullet.gifNew quests have been added focusing on areas introduced in the Wings of the Goddess expansion pack.

The Version Update Is Here! (09-09-2008)-1.jpg

VersionUpdateBullet.gifAn introductory tutorial NPC teaching players the fundamentals of game-play has been added to each of the three nations.

  • The tutorial feature will only be available to characters created after the release of the September 2008 version update.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe artifact quests for the following jobs can now be undertaken multiple times. This allows players to reacquire pieces of artifact armor as they see fit: Blue Mage / Corsair / Puppetmaster

VersionUpdateBullet.gifNew quests leading to the acquisition of new job-specific weapon skills have been added.

  • Please note, however, that giving job-specific weapons to the care of storage NPC Ghanraam in Aht Urhgan Whitegate will cause all data associated with the quest to be reset.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifChocobos are now available for rental in the following areas of past Vana'diel: Southern San d'Oria (S) / Bastok Markets (S) / Windurst Waters (S) / Jugner Forest (S) / Pashhow Marshlands (S) / Meriphataud Mountains (S)

  • Players must be a minimum of level 20, in possession of a "Chocobo License" key item, and be affiliated with one of the armies of the three nations to be eligible to rent a chocobo. Rental fees will be charged in Allied Notes rather than gil.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe following changes have been made to fellows:

The Version Update Is Here! (09-09-2008)-2.jpg
  • The below fellow styles can now use the Provoke ability once meeting certain prerequisites:
Attacker Style / Healer Style / Fierce Attacker Style / Soothing Healer Style
  • The requirements for fellow equipment changes have been eased.
  • The types of armor worn by fellows have been increased.
  • The food effects of meals obtainable after completion of the quest, "Mixed Signals," have been changed.
These food items will now become available when a player conducts an Emptiness investigation up to at least Level 2 in any Promyvion area following successful completion of the "Mixed Signals" quest.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe following additions and adjustments have been made to mythic weapons (Arms of Balrahn):

  • A battlefield marking the end of the mythic weapon questline has been added.
  • The number of pieces of alexandrite required to complete the quest "Duties, Tasks, and Deeds" has been reduced. Consequently, the quantity and rate of alexandrite drops has also been adjusted.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe locations of the following NPCs have been changed: Port San d'Oria: Teilsa / Bastok Mines: Arva / Port Bastok: Dulsie / Windurst Waters: Jack of Hearts / Windurst Woods: Jack of Spades / Port Windurst: Jack of Clubs

Battle Related
The Version Update Is Here! (09-09-2008)-3.jpg

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe new "Level Sync" system has been implemented.
Through this system, players are now able to receive equivalent experience points while in the same party regardless of any disparity in levels between them.
Click here for details.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifLevel restrictions no longer prevent players from equipping gear of a level beyond that restriction.
Click here for details.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifEnemies which check as "easy prey" and "decent challenge" now yield more experience points when defeated.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe combat skill required to learn the first weapon skill for each weapon type has been lowered from 10 to 5.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe HP of the following monsters in areas introduced since the release of the Treasures of Aht Uhrgan expansion have been adjusted:

Mamool Ja's Lizard / Mamool Ja's Raptor / Fomor's Bats / Goblin's Bat / Goblin's Bee / Goblin's Beetle / Goblin's Crawler / Goblin's Rarab / Goblin's Dragonfly / Goblin's Ladybug / Gigas's Tiger

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe levels of certain monsters in the following areas have been adjusted:

West Ronfaure / East Ronfaure / La Theine Plateau / Valkurm Dunes / Jugner Forest / Batallia Downs / North Gustaberg / South Gustaberg / Konschtat Highlands / Pashhow Marshlands / Rolanberry Fields / West Sarutabaruta / East Sarutabaruta / Tahrongi Canyon / Buburimu Peninsula / Meriphataud Mountains / Sauromugue Champaign / Qufim Island / Behemoth's Dominion

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe potency and frequency of special attacks for certain monsters in the following families has been adjusted using a low-level standard. PCs at lower levels will now find these monsters easier to fight:

Mandragora / Funguars / Crawlers / Lizards

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe following additions and adjustments have been made to Campaign:

The Version Update Is Here! (09-09-2008)-4.jpg
  • The rate of Campaign battles occurring in the following areas has been reduced:
Southern San d'Oria (S) / Bastok Markets (S) / Windurst Waters (S)
  • The requirements for acquiring and maintaining medals have been eased.
  • Rewards presented to PCs for successful completion of Campaign Ops have been adjusted.
  • The evaluation method and maximum points allocated for certain actions taken during Campaign battles have been adjusted.
  • The following NPCs no longer disappear at the onset of Campaign battles:
Southern San d'Oria (S) Scarlette, C.A. / Miliart, T.K.
Bastok Markets (S) Narkissa, C.A. / Millard, I.M.
Windurst Waters (S) Wenonah, C.A. / Mindala-Andola, C.C.
Defeating these NMs will lower the defensive capabilities of strongholds under beastman control.
  • The fluctuations of influence over areas are now calculated based on the current standing of each faction. This change makes it easier for weaker factions to regain a foothold in the struggle for influence.
  • The following special abilities and items now activate based on a timer:
Abilities: Mine Blast / Paralyzing Blast / Silencing Blast / Binding Blast
Items: Black Mine / Paralyzing Tube / Silencing Tube / Binding Tube

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe following adjustments have been made to the "Nyzul Isle Investigation" Assault:

  • Progress data within Nyzul Isle will no longer be erased following the completion of the 100th floor objective. As a trade-off for this change, however, the drop rate for armor has been reduced and is no longer 100%.
  • Players in possession of the "Runic Key" key item can now select any floor between 1 ~ 96 (in increments of 5) to begin a new investigation.
  • Floor data will now be recorded for all players rather than only the player who activated the "Rune of Transfer." For their progress data to be updated, players must begin the mission on a floor equal to or lesser than the maximum level currently recorded on their disc. Provided this condition is met, progress data will automatically be updated each time a previously uncharted level is completed.
  • Certain weapons previously obtainable only from monsters on the 100th floor will now be dropped by other monsters in Nyzul Isle as well. Also, defeating the monsters on the 100th floor will now result in two weapons being dropped. One weapon will be randomly determined, while the other will match the job of the player who activated the Rune of Transfer (regardless of whether this is the player in possession of the Runic Key or not).

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe status effect icon associated with the Monk job ability "Footwork" has been changed.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe Scholar job ability "Modus Veritas" can no longer be used on monsters without a helix status in effect.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe dancer and scholar jobs have each received a new job-specific merit point category.



Step Accuracy Grimoire Recast
Haste Samba Effect Modus Veritas Duration
Reverse Flourish Effect Helix Magic Acc./Atk.
Building Flourish Effect Max Sublimation

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe following adjustments have been made to Dynamis and Limbus:

The Version Update Is Here! (09-09-2008)-5.jpg
  • The prices for entry items have been changed as
Timeless Hourglass: 1,000,000 gil -> 500,000 gil
Cosmo-Cleanse: 30,000 gil -> 15,000 gil
  • Items and equipment specific to the Blue Mage, Corsair, and Puppetmaster jobs have been added.
  • The drop rate of relic armor in Dynamis has been adjusted. Rates for the following areas in particular have been increased:
Dynamis - Beaucedine / Dynamis - Xarcabard / Dynamis - Valkurm / Dynamis - Buburimu / Dynamis - Qufim / Dynamis - Tavnazia

VersionUpdateBullet.gifAdjustments have been made to Jailer of Love, Absolute Virtue (and pets), and Pandemonium Warden (and pets) in areas such as HP value and behavior. Absolute Virtue and Pandemonium Warden will now vanish two hours after their appearance, automatically ending the battle. In addition, the spawn rate for Absolute Virtue has been increased to 100%.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe strength of Luaith, the NM appearing in the Tavnazian Archipelago's Sacrarium, has been adjusted.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe strength of Zeni NMs will now gradually be adjusted after a predetermined amount of time has elapsed following their being claimed.

Item Related

VersionUpdateBullet.gifPlayers can now trade the NPC Shami any number of "Beastmen's Seals" or "Kindred's Seals" at any time.

Seals will be kept by Shami, and players may elect to exchange them for orbs once enough seals have been traded.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifSeveral new pieces of equipment have been added.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifSeveral new synthesis recipes have been added.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifA payment of one Imperial bronze piece is now required to leave job-specific weapons in the care of the storage NPC Ghanraam in Aht Urhgan Whitegate.

  • Please be reminded that doing so will cause all data associated with the new weaponskill quest to be reset.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifArtifact and relic armor for the following jobs can now be enhanced through dealings with the Port Jeuno NPC, Sagheera:

Blue Mage / Corsair / Puppetmaster

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe sale prices of the following items have been changed:

Remedy / Crab Sushi / Crab Sushi +1

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe following item was relocated to the auction house category "Alchemy" under "Ingredients":


VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe effects of certain items used during chocobo races have been adjusted.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifNew items available via harvesting have been added.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe following 5-piece set items (4-piece where applicable) can now be traded to the item storage NPC in exchange for a key item voucher:

Mirage Jubbah / Commodore Frac / Pantin Tobe / Mirage Charuqs / Commodore Bottes / Pantin Babouches / Mirage Keffiyeh / Commodore Tricorne / Pantin Taj / Mirage Bazubands / Commodore Gants / Pantin Dastanas / Mirage Shalwar / Commodore Culottes / Pantin Churidars

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe additional effects of relic and mythic weapons are now designated by a status effect icon.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifAdditional effects other than those affecting damage and attack speed ratings of relic and mythic weapons do not trigger when those weapons are equipped in the offhand slot.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe following special items and furniture can now be stored with the relevant NPC:

Harpsichord / Custom Gilet / Custom Top / Magna Gilet / Magna Top / Wonder Maillot / Wonder Top / Savage Top / Elder Gilet / Custom Gilet +1 / Custom Top +1 / Magna Gilet +1 / Magna Top +1 / Wonder Maillot +1 / Wonder Top +1 / Savage Top +1 / Elder Gilet +1 / Custom Trunks / Custom Shorts / Magna Trunks / Magna Shorts / Wonder Trunks / Wonder Shorts / Savage Shorts / Elder Trunks / Custom Trunks +1 / Custom Shorts +1 / Magna Trunks +1 / Magna Shorts +1 / Wonder Trunks +1 / Wonder Shorts +1 / Savage Shorts +1 / Elder Trunks +1

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe icon graphic for the following items has been changed:

Cerberus Mantle / Cerberus Mantle +1
System Related
The Version Update Is Here! (09-09-2008)-6.jpg

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe following additions and adjustments have been made to the Adventurer Recruitment Program:

  • The number of special items obtainable following the 40th day after character creation has been increased.
  • Further special items will now be obtainable from the 70th day after character creation.
  • 70th day special items are available even to those who had already received their 100th and 365th day items.
  • The list of special items now includes the following:
Dream Boots / Dream Boots +1 / Detonator Belt / Egg Helm / Ibushi Shinai / Ibushi Shinai +1 / Miracle Wand / Miracle Wand +1
  • The choice of items available on the 40th, 100th, and 365th days has been adjusted.
Click here for details.

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe following terms have been added to the auto-translate dictionary:



Game Terms Level Sync
Game Terms Fellow
Game Terms 2 Cut and Cauterize
Other Adjustments

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe help text for the following items has been adjusted to reflect their correct attributes:

Hakke Habaki / Junkenshi Habaki / Seikenshi Habaki / Junrenshi Habaki / Seirenshi Habaki / Junhanshi Habaki / Seihanshi Habaki
English Version Only

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe help text for the following items has been changed to alleviate confusion:

Beast Jackcoat / Beast Jackcoat +1 / Valor Surcoat / Valor Surcoat +1 / Monster Jackcoat / Monster Jackcoat +1 / Monster Gloves / Monster Gloves +1 / Saotome Haidate / Saotome Haidate +1
  • "Augment" refers to the addition of extra effects.
Known Issues

VersionUpdateBullet.gifThe additional effect status icon does not properly display after executing the weapon skill "Geirskogul" while using the relic weapon "Gungnir."

  • The additional effect still operates as intended.
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