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September Version Update Preview: Part Two (09/03/2008)
[[{{SUBST:2008 - (09/03/2008) September Version Update Preview: Part Two}}|   ]]

Adventurers of all stripes can look forward to enhancements galore in the upcoming September version update, designed to make questing in Vana'diel more gratifying than ever!
If the first preview wasn't enough to whet your appetite, today we have the latest scoop on increased experience and the Myriad Arms of Balrahn quest sequence that will at long last allow players to forge these mysterious and highly anticipated mythic weapons.

Experience Boost

Loyal readers already know that the new Level Sync system and automatic scaling-down of equipment will add a heretofore unheard-of level of freedom to party-based adventuring, but that isn't the least of it! With the new version update, there will be more experience to be had as well!

Previously, enemies classified as "easy prey" or "a decent challenge" would provide a relatively paltry amount of experience points, leaving career-minded adventurers understandably dismayed. No more, however! Vanquishing these monsters will now lead to substantially larger helpings of EXP, to better reward players for braving the challenges these still-formidable foes present.

Information on the Level Sync system and equipment scaling can be found here.

"Nyzul Isle Investigation" Gets an Overhaul

The mythic weapon and new weapon skill quests have previously (07/29/2008) been introduced in this space. Today, we'd like to bring you the latest details on these quests that have the potential to transform you into one of the most lethal adventurers in the realm.

The conditions for embarking upon the new weapon skill quests will be twofold: you must be enlisted as a mercenary in Salaheem's Sentinels, and you must be in possession of the job-specific weapon from the "Nyzul Isle Investigation" Assault mission.
The requirements for completing these quests will vary depending on how far you have progressed in Nyzul Isle, so it will behoove adventurers to be thorough in their reconnaissance of that murky labyrinth.

At the same time, an assortment of tweaks will be made to ensure that the mission goes smoothly:

[#1] Greatly increased chance of receiving your job-specific weapon!

Previously, only the nastiest adversaries in the darkest, dankest reaches of Nyzul Isle (Level 100) would part with the job-specific weapons adventurers seek. Now, there is a possibility that foes on other floors will drop these weapons as well, while defeating the denizens of Level 100 will guarantee you two job-specific weapons: one randomly selected, and one matching the job of the player who operated the Rune of Transfer (the latter regardless of whether or not that player also possesses the Runic Key.)

[#2] Progress saved to Runic Disc to be retained!

Previously, your recorded data would be reset upon completing Level 100 of the mission, reducing your Runic Disc to a rather expensive paperweight until such time as you begin the mission anew. No longer, however, as your progress data will now remain intact even after cleansing the Isle of its most deadly inhabitants, allowing you to return to the most challenging levels for another chance at the weapon you seek!

[#3] Players who have already cleared Level 100 need not fear!

Brave adventurers who have already explored every nook and cranny of Nyzul Isle, do not fear—your achievements will not go for naught! Even if your progress data has already been cleared, the Runic Key itself will now serve as an express ticket to any level of the Isle (in increments of five) up to Level 96, giving you free rein to traverse the area as you see fit!

[#4] Progress data to be stored for all party members!

With the new version update, floor data will be recorded and updated for all players, not only those who directly operate the Rune of Transfer.
For their progress data to be updated, players must begin the mission on a floor equal to or lesser than the maximum level currently recorded on their disc. Provided this condition is met, progress data will automatically be updated each time a previously uncharted level is completed.

That sums up the major changes planned for the Nyzul Isle Investigation in the upcoming version update.

Players who have already embarked upon the quest sequence for their mythic weapon may tackle the new weapon skill quests concurrently. Those players who have already received their Nyzul weapon and entrusted it to Abquhbah, however, are encouraged to travel back to the Isle and acquire the weapon once more.

* Abquhbah will return your weapon if asked politely, but please note that this will result in all mythic weapon quest data from "Duties, Tasks, and Deeds" onward being cleared from your record.

For previously released details on mythic weapons and the new weapon skills, please refer here.

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