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The Campaign Continues! (08/15/2008)
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In the ever-present attempt to render Campaign more agreeable to the player palate, the September version update will play host to a veritable smorgasbord of additions and tweaks, adjustments and tunings!
And now is as good a time as any to let the players in on some of what we've got in store.

Beastman Confederate Stronghold Notorious Monsters

In a turn of events that bodes only ill, a new class of beastman elite will be garrisoned at each of the strongholds located in La Vaule [S], Beadeaux [S], and Castle Oztroja [S]. Each group is comprised of a total of eight notorious monsters, their very presence mocking the Allied Forces' efforts from behind well-defended walls.

Defeating these new NMs will result in a marked decrease in the defensive capabilities(*1) of the strongholds under beastman control. In addition, they may drop treasure items which can be used by players to increase the defenses of the Allied Forces' own strongholds. Thus, their significance in the outcome of the war can hardly be overlooked.

Further, amassing a collection of eight Key Items by felling all of a stronghold's NMs will grant players the opportunity to enter a battlefield (*2) where even more dangerous foes await...

  • 1: Defensive capabilities refers specifically to a total of eight Campaign-related factors, such as funds, tactics, reconnaissance, etc. These statistics can be checked by either talking to the proper Campaign NPCs in any of the three nations, or from the Region Info option under the Main Menu.
  • 2: Only one of the members entering the battlefield is required to be in possession of the eight Key Items.

Influence Over Areas

It has been noted that the trend on many servers since the implementation of Campaign has been for the Allied Forces to fall well behind the Beastman Confederate in terms of influence over areas, with the disparity being quite difficult to overcome once in place.
Therefore, the coming version update will usher in several changes that will make it easier to win influence, with the goal of increasing the likelihood of areas changing hands as the war rages on.

Another area of the Campaign system which will see further enhancement in September is that of freelances. To take just one example, players can look forward to a new wandering scholar NPC who, once recruited, will take up residence in your nation's capital and aid the war effort by readily dispensing invaluable information.

Campaign Battle Performance Assessments

The judging of player performances in Campaign battles at the hands of Campaign Arbiters will see several adjustments. These changes will focus primarily on the use of enhancing magic and songs, though there will also be adjustments to the methods of calculation, as well as limits placed upon single assessments.

Simplification of Campaign Evaluation Standards

The requirements needed for each medal become more and more stringent as a player progresses in rank. However, recent trends indicate that as the conditions necessary in the upper ranks become more demanding, considerably more time is demanded of players to either maintain their current rank, or to advance via further promotion. The end result is an inability for players to enjoy the ease of participation and simple battle system as originally intended.

In response to this, players can expect the standards of Campaign evaluations to be simplified in order to make the entire process more agreeable and accessible.

New Campaign Ops

New Campaign Ops focusing on the wartime training of physicians are also in development. Successful completion of these Ops will ultimately serve to ease the strategic defense of the Allied Forces' areas, and hold the Beastman Confederate at bay.

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[[{{SUBST:2008 - (08/15/2008) The Campaign Continues!}}|   ]]

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