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Dynamis and Limbus Get a Makeover! (08/04/2008)
[[{{SUBST:2008 - (08/04/2008) Dynamis and Limbus Get a Makeover!}}|   ]]

The September version update just keeps getting bigger and better! We would like to take this opportunity to announce our intentions to implement some all-new features to both Dynamis and Limbus, as well as a few adjustments brought in by popular demand!

The wait is finally over!
At long last, the highly anticipated relic gear sets of the blue mage, corsair, and puppetmaster jobs are here! Rounding out the standard 5-piece sets, the more recently added back and waist items will also be added to September's version update. Players with these jobs can now look forward to obtaining the ingredient items required to temper their artifact and relic gear with even greater enhancements!
When considering how to best introduce this equipment, the development team weighed many options, including the possibility of entirely original methods. In the end, however, the decision was made that such means would be largely unfair by rendering only players with these jobs capable of accessing new game content. Therefore, all of the above items will be procured in the same way as their predecessors, namely via exploits in the Dynamis and Limbus areas.

  • Drop Rates

Great care has been put into assuring that current drop rates will see no negative impact from the introduction of the new blue mage, corsair, and puppetmaster gear sets. Players can rest easy knowing that any and all necessary adjustments to the drop rate ratios have been considered and implemented to maintain a fair and balanced game experience.
Furthermore, the overall drop rates of select Dynamis areas, covering the relic gear of all jobs old and new, are set to be raised as well.

  • Entry Fees

In light of the additions and adjustments detailed above, the entry fees for both Dynamis and Limbus were also brought under careful reconsideration.
Thanks in part to the ground being made by the Special Task Force in combating RMT-related activities, and subsequent normalization of the game economy, the following reduction in price to entry items will be implemented in the upcoming September version update.

Timeless Hourglass: 1,000,000 gil -> 500,000 gil
Cosmo-Cleanse: 30,000 gil -> 15,000 gil

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